Grade 3 Fingerstyle

Hi I just completed Grade 2 and Justin said in one lesson, that there will be more Fingerstyle in Grade 3. I just cannot find it. There is only Modul 15 in Grade 3. Are there other Moduls? How can I get them? By buying them? I would love to get deeper into Fingerstyle. Thanks.

Welcome to the community David.
Justin is revamping Grade 3 and adding the new modules as he
finishes them. They will be free same as grade 1 and 2

Hi @belafan and welcome to the community.

Justin moved some lessons out of Grade 3 as he rebuilds it.
Several fingerstlye lessons can still be found around the site including:

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I have been a firm believer in Justins courses for some years now. In general playing terms I am fairly comfortable in Grade 3 and did start on Grade 4 before The new modules in 3 were introduced. Lessons are perfectly weighted for each new skill required… Except Finger Style.

My fingerstyle absolutely sucks and I found things got too tricky very quickly using Justins method to the point where I gave up and just worked with a pick which is where the majority of my playing would lead me anyway.

However I came across a site that looks like I should be able to make some progress and be able to follow Justins fingerstyle lessons at last. The lessons start super easy but chord knowledge is assumed for the course. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m allowed to post a link to a rival site but I think for me at least it’s a good supplemental study to bring me up to speed.

I guess people could PM me for the link if they are interested, is that ok Mods?

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It’s been a few months…did that site live up to your expectations?

I couldn’t even stick with Happy Birthday finger style, so it might be nice to have some supplemental instruction now that I’m getting into Grade 3.

Hi Tom,
As with everything it takes work. Am I where I thought I might be? No, but that is also due to lack of available time. But yes I’m finding it easier to progress with this particular technique.

Funnily enough I am finding Justins latest fingerpicking lesson on 4:4 patterns (Module 19) far more approachable than most of his previous lessons on the subject.

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And here’s a link: 4:4 Fingerstyle Patterns |

I have been working on finger style and classical for a bit now.

One observation is that many finger style songs even beginner ones aren’t an obvious single picking pattern throughout.

It may be that I am too much of a beginner to “see” them, but it appears that there are many mixes of smaller patterns that to this untrained eye seem like every bar does it’s own thing.

Realizing this, recently, I have gone back to working on patterns, starting again with a refresh of Justin’s finger style patterns.

Why? You might ask. Because I feel that playing a less “patterned” pattern requires more skill and ingrained training in a variety of more concrete patterns. If that makes sense.

Just my thoughts.


Makes perfect sense, Joshua. Sounds similar to learning licks in different scale patterns until one can use them fluently.