Grade 3 Module 16- How to Play a Melody

Thats it, im broken :grinning:
I’ve not had much issue with anything else (duet is difficult as nobody nearby plays but I have a looper so thats ok) but this finding a melody malarky is doing me in. I’m struggling to get past the 4 note that Justin gives as a clue (for house of the rising sun). 3 days and i’m nowhere. Did everyone else struggle with this or is it just me? Will I suddenly have a breakthrough? ( Im thinking I will as thats what happened with other stuff I’d never imagine I could do)

I gave up. Maybe I will give it another shot but I didn’t make much progress on it the first time around.

I suggest you focus on 1 or 2 songs for now. Don’t try to play all the examples Justin gives in the video. Remember, there’s usually more than one way to play a note so if it’s easier, you can work out the notes on one string. Then figure out which string is the most convenient/reachable one to use. One thing that has been immensely helpful to me is Justin’s ear training lessons. Learning the major intervals has helped me with so many aspects of learning to play guitar.
Don’t give up. Yes it’s hard. But you will get better with practice. Look at how far you’ve already come!


Erm… well… I cheated a bit on that. :sweat_smile:

As I’m also not that familiar yet, with where all the notes are on the neck, that curve was a bit too steep for me too.

So, I looked at Guitar Pro for some help & got the melody line from the sheet music & I’m learning that now… (= Let It Be, Beatles).

I’ll do some next one with hearing only, once I find my way on the fretboard. But this way, I could at least give playing a melody line a try. :innocent:

Its odd isn’t how some things trip you up. I can play the fingerstyle version of House of The Rising Sun and sing at the same time ( such as it is, my singing voice is a tad low and limited in range) but for the life of me this is hard. I’ll not let it beat me though.

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OK. I took another shot at “house of the rising sun” and I think I got it. Go back to the lesson and read the “learn more” tab. Learn the chords first. the melody will be a chord tone or a note connecting 2 chords. That helped me alot.