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Hi there! This might be a silly question. But after this exercise there’s nothing more on ear training. The course is done or there will be more grades coming.?

Anyway, thank you for the course so far!

Time to cut the apron strings a have a go at transcribing. That’s the whole
idea of taking ear training in the first place.
start with easy song you like. There are some things you need to perfect on
your own.

Total guitar newbie here. I loved this ear training course. It’s made the fretboard seem less of this big, intimidating thing and given me a bit of a feel for the notes and the relationship between them. For that alone it was well worth the time put in. Thanks a lot Justin and co! Hope you manage to put out grade 4 sometime :slight_smile:

Where is grade 4 ???

Hiya Justin, awesome course I feel really confident with the major and perfect intervals! Thanks a lot! I’ll eagerly await the grade 4 section but no rush or anything :slight_smile: thanks so much for what you do I appreciate it so much!


Are there more grades coming?

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Correct me if my terminology is incorrect.

What ear training Grades 1 - 3 has taken us through is the intervals on the diatonic scale, correct?

I’m the same as others. Where to from here? Stitch says “Transcribe.” Ok. But there seems to be a lot more to ear training than just P1 M2 M3 P4 P5 M6 M6 Octave.

Realistically, how far should we take our ear training. To me there seems to be a lot more to cover.

At a minimum as to not leave students hanging, there should be a least a Grade 3 final module that puts some closure to the course. Just a suggestion.

Hi Daniel @LamphunLamyai
Yes, there are more intervals than the ones in the ear training course. You can find them and listen to them on guitar now. Don’t rely on Justin to hold your hand all the time.

Ear training isn’t something you can do for a few weeks and then call it done. You’ll be developing your ear forever and a day.
If you stick to the beginner course, more things will come up that will help with it. You will be better off waiting until you get there rather than jumping ahead.

For now -
Keep listening to all the intervals.

Keep having a go at “play what you hear”.

Play and listen to the chords you know and hear the intervals within them.

Plenty to be going on with.

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Ahhhh, but it’s my nature to jump ahead. If you understand how I learn. At 71 years old having been both a student and a teacher, I know how I personally learn.
I first start out in a highly structured environment learning step-by-step.
Then I have an “Ahh-Haa!” moment and go off in tangents to explore.
Then I come back to step-by-step.

So for “Don’t rely on Justin to hold your hand all the time”? Well I started this journey with Justin holding my hand.
And for “You will be better off waiting until you get there rather than jumping ahead”? Well I’ve had the “Ahh-Haa” moment and now I’m in exploring mode, and jumping ahead.
And back to “Don’t rely on Justin to hold your hand all the time”? But I always come back to the structured learning and Justin is a heck of a good teacher.

So at this point I’m pretty open to some “hand-holding” and direction ala Justin.

At this point I would be pretty interested in additional advice from Justin as this Ear Training course came to a rather abrupt end. (cue sound of car locking up its brakes)

The advice doesn’t need to be in the form of a formal set of videos. But the advice could set the stage for another more advanced Ear Training Grade 4 course in the future.

This course ends after giving great coverage of the Major Intervals. What I’d find personally beneficial would be for Justin to give some thought as to where a Ear Training Grade 4 could go: Does it go by covering the Minor Intervals? Or working with Absolute Pitch? Would it include mythologies to move from Ear Training to Transcription and tying those two skills together? Or by tying other aspects of music, music theory, and practice together. Shoot for gestalt: the whole journey become more than its individual parts.

What I personally could use is to see a Ear Training Grade 4.1 where we students are given a set of suggested extensions we can explore with our new found skills.
Ear Training Grade 4.1 for the moment only needs to be a few paragraphs of Justin’s suggestions for additional learning and Ear Training. This is his site, his teaching method, I’d love to get his feedback.

Anyway, consider this to be just a happy student’s observations and suggestions. :guitar:


By not holding your hand, I meant that Justin is leaving it for you to explore, find and hear the remaining intervals.
You’re an explorer so you’ll be fine.
Go for it.

I don’t know whether Justin is planning anymore on ear training or not. Others have asked for more…maybe he will.

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:+1: :guitar: