Grade 3 Quickfire ANSWERS

No cheating now!

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Hi there! This might be a silly question. But after this exercise there’s nothing more on ear training. The course is done or there will be more grades coming.?

Anyway, thank you for the course so far!

Time to cut the apron strings a have a go at transcribing. That’s the whole
idea of taking ear training in the first place.
start with easy song you like. There are some things you need to perfect on
your own.

Total guitar newbie here. I loved this ear training course. It’s made the fretboard seem less of this big, intimidating thing and given me a bit of a feel for the notes and the relationship between them. For that alone it was well worth the time put in. Thanks a lot Justin and co! Hope you manage to put out grade 4 sometime :slight_smile:

Where is grade 4 ???

Hiya Justin, awesome course I feel really confident with the major and perfect intervals! Thanks a lot! I’ll eagerly await the grade 4 section but no rush or anything :slight_smile: thanks so much for what you do I appreciate it so much!


Are there more grades coming?