Grade 5 Test

Test your knowledge on the Grade 5 test! :)

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I spent months taking this test, largely because it’s so long but am happy on how I did. I missed some stuff bc in my head I kept making the F chord FCA instead of FAC, and instead of writing out tabs for the different scales I wrote out musical notation. I thought it was weird that you made the staff 6 lines instead of 5 but just went with it. When checking my answers I realized my mistake. Oops. FWIW, I took a music theory class ages ago at University and thought this test was a lot harder. Learnt more too. Now time to get CAGEY and work on more Modes!

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Took me a long time to get to this test, there is a lot of information. I passed with a couple of silly mistakes like counting all of the quadad intervals from the root not the last interval. Looking forward to Grade 6 in the New Year!

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