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Test your knowledge on the Grade 5 test! :)

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I spent months taking this test, largely because it’s so long but am happy on how I did. I missed some stuff bc in my head I kept making the F chord FCA instead of FAC, and instead of writing out tabs for the different scales I wrote out musical notation. I thought it was weird that you made the staff 6 lines instead of 5 but just went with it. When checking my answers I realized my mistake. Oops. FWIW, I took a music theory class ages ago at University and thought this test was a lot harder. Learnt more too. Now time to get CAGEY and work on more Modes!


Took me a long time to get to this test, there is a lot of information. I passed with a couple of silly mistakes like counting all of the quadad intervals from the root not the last interval. Looking forward to Grade 6 in the New Year!

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This test took me a few hours, I think it is a little bit too long and covers too many subjects at once in my opinion. I also came across a few things, question 44 could be both #4 and b5 right? And Question 22 should indicate in which direction the intervals are considered.

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No, because the minor pentatonic scale has formula:
1, b3, 4, 5, b7.
It contains flats.
Any non-natural notes added to it must be defined as a ‘flat something’ because you cannot have sharps and flats combined in the same scale.

By convention, intervals are considered from the lower note to the higher note. If there is no ‘direction’ specified then it is understood to be from low to high.

I hope that helps.
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Hey I believe there is an error in the answer sheet of question 55. The last row is the Bb harmonic minor in the test, but the D Harmonic Minor in the answers.

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Hello @Barxho and welcome to the community.
That is a great spot. Thank you for reporting it. I have passed it on to the team.
I hope that helps.

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Oh, that was something. 2h40m total with 7 mistakes. Good test, good coverage.
One gap in knowledge was unexpected: the shortcut for octave… Well, of course it’s spoiler, but my brain just stuck at this.
Some mistakes are miscalculations.
One was that I forgot to add a 7th on the 6th string on the scale diagram.
This kind of stuff.

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Does someone have a copy of the old test they would be able to provide? I’m on Grade 5 and knew this test was going to be a beast. With the new Theory updates, the new quiz that came on in that spot was like super easy (completed in about 10 mins, tops). I would like to try to give it a go at the Grade 5 test because I knew it was going to be a challenge. Was a bit let down by how easy the Quiz was that I passed.

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Welcome to the Community @tbergeron
Free downloadable workbooks including the previous tests are being created and made available. Grades 1-3 are complete with others pending.

Grade 1:

Grade 2:

Grade 3:

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I’ve saved all the previous grade tests and answers as pdf files. I’m happy to share them but I’d like to make sure there’s no infringement since it’s a paid course.

@Richard_close2u, your thoughts? The test files don’t contain actual lesson content so I would assume it’s ok to share them? Or maybe in a private message if the user is subscribed to PMT?

Hey everyone! I’m late to the party but I’m wondering when will the old Grade 5 test will be available? Cheers!