Green Manilishi - Fleetwood Mac & more!

So here’s a more metal version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Green Manilishi”. We’re getting ready for bike week next month and this is one we have down pretty well.

This is our first day with the new subwoofers. They’re the two speakers in the front. I don’t know the brand but they’re 3000 watts each and very crisp. Only the bass guitar and the kick drum are coming out of them.

Everything else is coming from four PA speakers. You can see the right two in the shot. ALL other speakers you see on stage are not even turned on for this practice.



Wow, wow, wow.

Sounds absolutely awesome! Very well defined and crisp, whatever make they are they’re pretty decent! :metal::metal::metal:

It would appear there is no concern about the power bill. I would think there is a fair size electrical feed for all this equipment?

Nice work, the play is tight and I think you will have the bikers up and swaying in the streets!

All the best,

An impressive setup and sound, John, and rocking performance.

It’s an interesting intrepretation of one of my favourite early FM songs. Without catching the lyrics I don’t think I’d recognise it. I might think a metal band borrowed a riff or two that sound a little familiar :grin:

The ending non-verbal vocals had a cool Iron Maiden vibe to my ears.

Good luck with the upcoming gig. Have a blast. Judas Priest did a rocked up version of this song @DavidP

Congrats, I think this is the best I’ve heard your band sound (here I’m talking tone/recorded sound)… so something is working for sure!!

Thanks Richard. All I know of Judas Priest is Breaking the Law.

Every time I see your videos it looks such an awesome set-up. Definitely sounder tighter than some of your previous recordings I think. Great solo! Good luck with the gig I suspect you’ll be a hit!

That was really good clearly one can tell you are doing this for a living!

That was superb. Good luck with the gig.

John you guys are killing this, its an absolutely belting version of the original. I can see the biker heads banging now. Oops no that was the mirror. :rofl: Have the original on a single up in the loft, bought the week it was released. Happy memories. RIP Greeny.


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Thanks for listening!

Yes, Close, this is JP’s version of it!

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Excellent stuff John, that was a really great cover. You guys really know how to rock it.

The coolest live band in the community :metal: :sunglasses: :metal:

OK, you have your rhythm section sorted with enough firepower to retake Mariupol but Axeman could do with an 11-setting and the singers’ fine pipes are a bit steamrollered.
I suggest standing on the shoulders of such giants as Ian Gillan, Lemmy and Meatloaf and play Everything louder than everything else :rofl:
Rock on dudes…

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Classic line picked up on the Made in Japan live recording :grin:

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Amazing sound on such cool equipment! Congratulations, my friend!
Everything is fine, and the bass sounds right.
I wish you a successful performance at the biker party!