Greetings, all, I'm Anastas ... I'm new to all of this

Hi, everyone. I’ll go by Anastas and I’m 46 years old. I’ve been on JG app (Android) for a little over a month. Actually, that’s a lie, lol. This is my third attempt to learn guitar; first time in H.S. when I had no patience and no real guitar to practice, so my brief lessons did nothing for me. 2nd attempt was last year when I first tried Justin’s course, but unfortunately real-life stuff got me distracted from continuing on. Now I am learning again and enjoying it! I also use Rocksmith 2014, but I do not rely on that for instruction the same way I do with JG.

My music of choice has always been 80’s and classic rock, though I do enjoy country and heavy metal. So my goals are really just to be able to play along with some of those songs (for the electric) and also just play some songs unaccompanied (for acoustic).

I’m a bit of an impulse buyer, so I currently have: Ibanez (GIO) GRX70QA, Epiphone LP Standard 60s and Fender CD-60. I use the Ibanez for Rocksmith, but the Epiphone and Fender for JG. :slight_smile:

Anyways, I can be a bit wordy, but I’ve glanced through the forums and everyone seems great and supportive. Got an answer to my first question quite quickly! Looking forward to my journey ahead and thanks!


Hello Anastas and a warm welcome to the community. Good luck as you follow the learning and do stick to the schedule of Justin’s courses - they are invaluable and all for free. Loads of help and encouragement here too, to support and guide you when needed.

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Welcome to the Community, Anastas.

Enjoy the adventure!

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Thanks, Richard. I have three days where I can only fit in the Practice session (not sure if it is different on App from website) and one play through of each of the three songs I’m currently focused on. The other days I get around three hours of guitar work in.

Hi Anastas

Do what you can when you can but keep on the path and follow the Grade structure and all will be fine.



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Welcome, Anastas. Life has a way of tossing curve balls and destroying to do lists. Just remember guitar is a sanctuary. Go to it often. :guitar: :guitar:

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Welcome Anastas. Glad you are jumping back into it.

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Thanks for introducing yourself @Anastas617

We’re here to support you in your journey; if you experience friction or you want to share your progress, all the nice people here (including me of course ;)) are here to help

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Three hours a day several days a week is a lot of time with your fingers on the wires! Careful not to burn out. Having said that, it’s great that you have the time and enthusiasm for learning and practicing and playing.

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Thanks everyone for the welcome!

Dave, when I say three hours I should elaborate. I don’t sit and practice for 3 hours straight. It’s more that I spread it over three sessions, usually two of them with JG and one with RS. That’s only the last 10 days maybe, as I’ve been building the calluses. My first week I could barely go over 10 minutes a stretch before my fingers told me to stop.

Welcome Anastas, you’ve got some very nice guitars there. I hope we get to hear you playing them.


Makes sense, sounds reasonable.

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Hello and welcome Anastas.

Lots of great people here that will help you along. Do try and stick with it this time as it well worth it. :slight_smile: