Greetings from Emre in NYC!

Emre here! Originally from Turkey, living in NYC.

Normally, I’m not the type to post on any social media. I started learning guitar when I was in my early teens. Then I quit for some reason and never picked a guitar up for nearly 10 years. I was looking for a reason to get back and what better could that be when you turn into your 30s, right?

I’m a little afraid 30s would be too late to start this hobby from scratch but with this much diversity in the community, I’m encouraged.

I’ll try to share my journey as I go along. This time, hope it sticks!

Nice to meet y’all!



Welcome. I’m still a relative newcomer to Justin’s world. There’s lots of great advice here. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.



Welcome! It’s never too late. I’m pushing 50 and finally giving it a real go.


Hi Emre ,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:


Oooo my goodness You clearly haven’t seen this thread yet :joy:Old dogs topic :smiley:…You are still a green leaf.I wish you a very long life with the guitar and a steep learning curve,



Welcome to the forum Emre there are people here in their 60s and 70s learning so 30 is earlier than most.


Thank you, Rogier!

Read your story from your profile. What an inspiration you are!

Keep on fighting and have a great life.


Thank you Emre ,
That’s a very nice thing to say, and I really appreciate it :smiley:



Welcome Emre,

Life has a habit of getting in the way but if you are restarting and in your 30s ? You’ll be fine.
I got my first guitar for my 40th. Working, had a family and just restarted a martial art career that eventually ran for over 2 decades in total. For 17 years I went round in circles on a start stop carrousel until I found Justin in late 2012. So I pretty much started from ground zero again around 55/56 years of age late 2013.

He’s treated me well and mainly all for free.

You have a good twenty years head start. Buckle down, crank it up and enjoy the ride.



Emre … If I’d have started playing at 32 … I’d have been playing for 20 years. That’s a long time to be loving music and guitars for … so never too late to start.

Welcome to the community!

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Welcome aboard, Emre! :smiley:

It’s never too late to pick up a guitar (again), so enjoy the ride! :slight_smile:


Welcome, Erme. Never too late, I’m 65 and started 18 months ago, having never picked up a guitar till then. I’m amazed at what I’ve accomplished. You’ll do fine! :grinning:

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Hello Enre & Welcome!

Stick with Justin & it’ll stick this time around!!!
Ahhhhh… to be in my 30s again… you’ll be fine!!!

Tod from New Mexico

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Thank you Toby!

I love it when people change their lives for the good by trying different things.

Hope to talk to you all frequently!

Hi Emre, welcome to the community forum. This is a great time to start learning guitar. You can have many years of fun playing the guitar ahead of you.

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Grew up in NYC and was stationed in Turkey in Air Force. Izmir, Adana, Diyarbakir and a little Ankara.

Welcome Emre, wish you lots of fun in your journey, keep with us and you’ll get as much help as you want / need :slight_smile:

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As advice goes, this must surely rank alongside “Learn songs, learn songs, learn songs” :grin: :+1:


Welcome Emre! 30 isn’t too late at all, lots of 50+ folk here, who started late in life and have lots of fun and fullfillment. Wish you a great time with your guitar playing!

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I was born and raised in Ankara. What a coincidence haha.

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the immersion experience.

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