Greetings from Harry in Victoria, BC Canada

Hi guys/gals, my name is Harry and I am from Victoria, BC Canada. Always wanted to learn to play guitar and am finally getting to it in my late 40’s. While Googling how to learn, I luckily stumbled upon Justin’s course. I am about 1 month into the course and very pleased. Justin is such a great teacher. The way he motivates is priceless. And yet for some reason the price is zero.

My goal is within 18 - 24 months to be able to play a recognizable version of “Trademark” by Eric Johnson or “Friends” by Joe Satriani.

My guitar is currently a Yamaha Pacifica. If I reach my goal I will reward myself with a much better guitar.



Welcome aboard, Harry
The good news is it gets better as you go along :smiley:
There’s a great team behind him and you can learn loads in the Community as well.

… as well as a donation to Justin to keep it free for others :wink: :smiley:


Definitely a donation to Justin will be in the works. He deserves it.

Haha, this wasn’t really aimed at you, but more a reminder for everyone to reinforce the sentiments you had just expressed, but good on you :wink: :smiley:

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Hello and welcome Harry. :slight_smile:

It’s always good to have goals, it keeps you pushing forward. I look forward to your posting one of those goals in the AVOYP section, when you’ve achieved it. :smiley:


Hello Harry,
Welcome,Good to read that you have a clear goal :sunglasses:…and luckily you don’t set the bar so high :roll_eyes:
In the meantime, let show us how the road leads to this higher goal…I wish you a lot of fun, enjoy it…

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Welcome to the Community, Harry. You are in the right place to learn to play and with time, learning, and practice you can achieve your goals. I encourage you to follow the grades methodically, take all the time needed to lay the solid foundations. One can never say anything about time to achieve the goals, since we all learn at different rates and have different time available to dedicate to practice. Have fun and look forward to up dates as you progress.

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Hi Harry, what they ^^^^ said.

:wave: :wave: :wave:

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Welcome to the Community, Harry. You’ll find lots here to help you on your guitar journey. I lived in Victoria for a few years in the early ‘90s, that’s a beautiful part of the country you’re in :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the encouragement DavidP. I agree about following the course methodically and not moving on until ready. I have enough free time these days to devote proper time to learning. So I am not in any hurry at all. 2 years to achieve my goals should be alright.


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Hello and welcome Harry, you’ve found the right course in Justin’s lessons and the right community to keep you sane and encouraged if you need it!

That’s the spirit, look forward to seeing it :wink: - Mark.

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