Greetings from Oxford, UK

Hey man nice list of Blues players! Welcome to the forum plenty of us blues guys around


Welcome aboard, Ivan!

Sounds like you have some good foundations already and an idea, where your guitar journey might lead you some day. :slight_smile:

Wish you good luck on that but most of all lots of fun making music!

Cheers - Lisa

Hello Ivan & welcome!!!
As a recent/relative newcomer to appreciation of Blues, I applaud your musical direction!
Good luck!!!

Tod from New Mexico USA

Welcome aboard!!! You do have quite the list going on. I’m gonna put a limb out and say your gonna have to come up with a solid plan! With the help of Justin and this fine community you will achieve this !!

Rock on


That’s pretty awesome.

Welcome to the community.

When you feel frustrated with your progress, just think back to the time when you couldn’t even perform in front of others. See, your one of your seemingly impossibly dreams has already been realized.

Look forward to hearing more from you

Hello Ivan, nice to meet you. For what it’s worth, I concentrate on one instrument only, and my my progress so far has been painfully slow, too. :thinking: :grin:

Hi Ivan,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
And I’m looking forward to AVOYP , that’s a good step in your guitar journey :sunglasses:
It always reveals a lot :blush: and helps a lot!

Hi Ivan, welcome to the community! I’m already curious about your first AVOYP.
Guitar and harmonica, that’s quite a challenge! I would love to be able to play a Neil Young tune with both instruments…
Have fun and enjoy journey!

Hello Ivan! Welcome!

Hi Ivan, nice to meet you. Good luck with your continuing guitar/harmonica journey. Respect to your live performing, great accomplishment.

‘harmonica while singing.’

that sounds very challenging.:slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes,


Hi Ivan,

Welcome to this site. Definitly the best there is for learing the guitar. I am also in Oxford, UK.

I am a born again guitarist having played when I was a kid and then took it up again about four years ago. I have a strat, a tele and a my 30 yeaar old Yamaha acoustic. I’ve been having face to face lessons but get my most value from this site.

Good luck.


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Hi Ivan, welcome to the community. I think that you will reach your goals if you follow Justin’s lessons. I notice that Justin plays guitar, harmonica and sings in his Grade 3 Neil Young “Heart of Gold” song lesson video on his website.

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Everyone, thank you for your warm welcome!

@RobDickinson Thank you. Happy to find fellow blues learners. Added your learning log to my reading list :slight_smile:

@tony Oh, yes. The next hurdle is recording. Finding out again and again that when I try to record anything, playing suddenly becomes 20 times harder. But anyway I am uploading my first video for the AVOYP section right now.

@Helen0609 @SteveL_G99 Heart of Gold is definitely on my list.

@fenners This is awesome. Do you go to any guitar events in Oxford? Last week I joined a Meetup group that hosts weekly beginner-friendly acoustic jams. We were mostly playing some easy campfire songs. Oxford Guitar and Voice Meetup Group | Meetup

@Alan_1970 Haha. I meant alternating between playing harp and singing, of course. But on the other hand, Sonny Terry’s “Whoopin’ the Blues” is basicly “singing while playing harmonica”.

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I’ve finally recorded my first AVOYP: My first AVOYP — Blowin in the Wind by Bob Dylan (guitar + harmonica)

@Helen0609 @WonderMonkey @roger_holland

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@ivan_d Hi Ivan. Nope I don’t go to any guitar events in Oxford - but I really ought to start playing along with other people and play in a band at some point. Is the Oxford Guitar Meetup Group any good it looks as though it’s just in someone’s house?

It takes place in Regal community centre. The answer depends on what you mean by good. There were only 4 people at the first meeting. Most do not play any lead guitar, so we just strummed some popular campfire songs. It’s a nice safe space to practice and discuss the music you like. Probably you’ll need to go somewhere else for more ambitious goals. But this was just the first meeting, so I’ve no idea of what will come out of it.

I also heard there are weekly open mics at James Street Tavern on Sundays.

Oh I remember that feeling for sure. I call it red light fever. When the red recording light comes on my fingers go to jelly. Best fix for that is to do a LOT of recording.

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Hi Ivan, welcome. Good you’re now confident enough of your playing to perform for others. Have fun.

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