Greetings from Paris

Greetings from Paris, France (but feel free to listen to “Paris, Texas” by Ry Cooder, if you don’t know it yet).

I am one of those “mature” absolute beginner. Never played music, never thought I could… and I’m loving it. it’s never too late :slight_smile:

I especially want to share my gratitude towards Justin and his team for making my learning journey so pleasant.

Enjoy !


Welcome to the community. Lots of mature beginners here

Welcome to the Community, have fun, join in.

Hi there and warm welcome, it’s never to late to start learning new things! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community, et guitare amore !

I’ll have to call you H as I cannot pronounce that username (happy ftenu ?? ) . Never too late to start and never too late to rock. Salutations from Normandie :sunglasses:

Welcome aboard, mon ami :slightly_smiling_face:
You’re going to have to think of a more user-friendly handle, before someone in the Community chooses one for you :wink:

Welcome to the Community. You’ll get lots of help and advice here.
You’ll need to change your user name though. That’s my online banking password! :wink:

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Sorry for the password-like nickname! Hope this one works better!


Welcome to the community Happy. I happy for you too. You have so many wonderful discoveries ahead of you. Enjoy every moment. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Bienvenue chez Justin et sa bande de joueurs :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll like the site, the resources and the community.

Greetings Happy! Way to drop that Ry Cooder reference!

Bonjour Happy. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your journey and the community.

Hello and welcome to the community! Good to have you here.