Greetings from Prague - and partially Nürnberg

Hi dear community.

I am from Prague, but lived last 16 years in Nürnberg and visiting that city regularly as well.
I started playing last summer and I love it. And very enjoying Justin Guitar… So much fun, great material, all the songs…
I am trying to practice every day, playing guitar is so nice to relax and switch off the brain. So far I like slow blues, finger style, but also other musical styles.
Also still looking for a jamming buddy, if anybody is from this corner of world…


Welcome to the community, Václav! :smiley:

Soundslike you’re already well on your way with playing guitar and making nice progress since last year. :slight_smile:

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited so far!

Cheers - Lisa

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Hi Vaclav

Welcome aboard! I’m also new here and everyone has been really welcoming.

I agree with you about playing guitar being a good way to relax.

Happy playing!


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Welcome Václáv,

Welcome to the community! I lived for two years in Prague - such a great place (and now live in Nürnberg),
Have fun with your guitar and have a look around herec- so many nice people and great resources to help learning guitar!


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Welcome to the forum Vaclav

Welcome Václav.

Hi Václav!
Nice to meet you! Hey, this is a surprise. I live in Nürnberg, but have been travelling to Prague quite regularly for the last 15 years. Next time you’re in Nbg, you are most welcome to drop by for a jam session if you’d like. I began learning to play the guitar last winter, and I’m currently in module 10. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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wow, amazing! Cool, I will. The same for you, let me know when you are here and have some time. Looking forward to that!

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Welcome to the forum Vaclav, nice to meet you.


Hi Václav,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of guitar playing :sunglasses:

Welcome to the Community :wave::blush:

Václav, welcome to the community forum.

Hi Václav,welcome. Good you started playing guitar and are loving it. Have fun.

Hi Václav! Nice to meet you. Welcome aboard!