Greetings from Virginia, USA - LouK here

Lou K here, Woodbridge, Virginia (near DC), migrating over finally from old site.

Another old dog, learning new tricks. I’ve been messing about on the acoustic for a few years, but no real progress until I jumped back into Justin’s lessons a few months ago. Now I’m fighting with the F chord and having a ball.

Love the community, encouraging, supportive, (mostly) knowledgeable. And of course, Justin is as good as an instructor can be.

Looking forward to the road ahead!


Welcome to the Community Lou! As you know from the old forum, you’re in the right place for encouragement and support along your journey from the many knowledgeable members here :slightly_smiling_face:

welcome to the community Louk

i remember struggling with the f barre chord when I started learning some years ago. I was determined to stick with it and learn the full barre chord. it sounded pretty bad for the first couple of months. now i’m so glad i stuck with it, it’s a real gateway to many other great barre chords

welcome to the community Lou

Hi LouK and welcome :sunglasses:

Hey Lou,
I’m 10- 45 minutes north of you, depending on traffic, in Arlington. I’m right behind you in the app, but have fought for the F in the past. On occasion winning. Old folks got calluses.
All the best, Scott

Glad you’ve moved over and introduced yourself, Lou. Keep working the F and it will become a good friend.

Hi Lou, glad you found your way here. I’m sure you’ll win with the F chord.

Welcome to the new place Lou, I don’t remember whether I mentioned a tip about that pesky F chord over at the old place!
If you don’t have a Capo get one! Put it on at the 5th fret and play the F barré there first, when it gets easy move the Capo down one fret and when it gets easy move down another fret…… rinse and repeat until you don’t need it! All is good, don’t rush it just do 10 mins a day and you will soon get there.

Hello Lou, glad you found your way here.

I too am working on the F chord and I just do a few minutes work on it a day, apart from when I’m doing my songs, songs, songs.

If you ever want to get together for a jam - let me know! I don’t get much chance to play with others, would enjoy the experience!


Thanks - Songs every day! I’m curious about the forum name SgtColon… Being as I’m a retired Army First Sergeant…

Thanks Darrell! I’ve been working it without the capo, with varying degrees of success. I’ll give that a shot today!

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Sorry Lou, not that interesting. It’s a name of a character in the Terry Pratchett, Discworld novels.

Hello Lou and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hey Louis, sorry not to get back sooner. I’d love to jam,but I feel like I might need some time to be ready. I’m just a former E-4 . Got to be ready when I get in front of the Top, lol. Honestly, just need some practice time.

  • Scott

Hey Louis, I just saw this in your profile:

Too old to start new things, but too stubborn to know better.

Classic line. In my case it would be too stupid to know better.