Greetings from West Virginia, United States

Hi, I am Jacob (as my name suggests) and I’m new to Guitar and 15.


Hi Jacob & welcome!!!

My grandson just started learning guitar with Justin a few months ago. He’s learned so fast by practicing about 20-30 minutes a day!

I always give a piece of advice to anyone who is new to guitar, get a guitar stand or a wall hanger so it’s easy to pick it up & play if you only have a few minutes!

What kind of guitar :guitar: do you have? Electric or acoustic? Also, what kind of music do you love?

Good luck learning! Don’t be afraid to ask questions here in the Community, lots of smart people who are really nice & who like to help!

Tod from New Mexico

Welcome to the forum Jacob. I was 15 when I started and it’s given me a life time of pleasure.

I have 2 acoustics and 1 electric, just picked back up my acoustics today forgetting that some of the strings popped the last time I used them, but still played a little. The music I love the most has to be rock, I mostly listen to The Beatles and older rock.

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I hope I can get something out of it like you.

What do you mean by “popped” strings? Do you mean broken strings? It’s best not to leave your guitar sitting with missing strings for an extended time. Without the resistance of the string tension, your truss rod could bend the neck too far back, eventually resulting in a warped neck.

Yeah I mean broken strings. I haven’t used the guitars since I was 9, so they have just been sitting in my closet. Only on the acoustic guitars, and I’m getting new strings soon. In the meantime, I make with what I have.

I just picked the acoustics back up today, and I’ve had the electric for about a week. I’ve been learning song on what is basically real guitar hero, that uses the electric guitar. After that, I learned some simple opening riffs (Smoke on the Water, Seven Nation Army, and some others.)

Hi Jacob,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
And a long life of playing :smiley:

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Thanks Roger, I appreciate it.

Hi Jacob, welcome here and have lots of fun playing guitar!

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I’ll try, thank you!

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Welcome Jacob

You’d do well to follow Justin’s grade system on the website. With that and the support from folks here you won’t go far wrong.


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Hi Jacob, welcome!! So nice to have you here :hugs:.
Enjoy your guitar journey :guitar::star_struck:!!

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Welcome, Jacob. That can be a literally life-changing decision to pick up the instrument, so good luck on your journey.

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I appreciate it. Thanks

Hi Jacob, welcome to the community forum.

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