Greetings JG Community. My names is David and you know what

I’ve been a disciple of Justin since Dec 16th, 2016, following the previous generation Beginner Course and joining the the JustinGuitar Forum in Feb 2017 to post a first, fortunately lost to the world, AVOYP recording.

The Forum was fantastic and I am sure will continue to thrive and grow in it’s new home.

I’ll keep it brief … yes I can @Rossco01 … and so no more for now.

But for those who don’t know me yet and would enjoy more background you can read all about my adventures in my Learning Log. Be warned, there many episodes and some are rather long :astonished:


Great to see you here, David.

(All this newness is going to take some getting used to, but my first impression is positive.)


Thanks JWC

Yeah, I was one of those picked to be part of the final testing before launch (I guess they wanted at least one verbose person to try and break the platform with long posts :laughing:). It did take me a few sessions to get familiar and comfortable, but came pretty quickly.

A new place but the same old David! Nice to see you again David! :slight_smile:


Indeed, Bala, all the Forum regulars are here and many more people joining in.