Greetings ! Perry from Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi, everyone. It’s great to be here. It’s been a lifelong wish of mine to be able to play guitar. Started when I was in my 20’s( I’m 62 now) when I bought a secondhand cheapie guitar from a friend. Never made much progress over the years - married life, work, kids. Never took lessons as I always was reluctant to invest the time and money, and you need to find the right teacher, which isn’t always easy. To fast forward over the past 35 years or so, I ended up selling the cheapie guitar, and acquired a 12 string, then a better quality 6 string (my go-to today)and finally, about 14 years ago, when I had a bit of personal savings set aside, a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a decent modelling amp. You can see the pattern here - more than one guitar, but no ability to decently play any of them. I always have enjoyed guitar music - classic rock, folk, etc. and have been drawn to the beauty and worksmanship of guitars. The missing link has always been the ability to play.
Not sure when I discovered Justin’s site. I think maybe 6 or 7 years ago, just before I retired. I worked on the lessons twice previously, but got discouraged/distracted. This time, however seems different. Since Covid 19 came along, I’ve stuck with the practicing - less distractions. You know the old saying about lemons and lemonade. Just bought Justin’s app and have been really finding it useful with the playalongs and getting the 5 songs down so I can move on to Grade 2. A few days ago, I came up from my practice in the basement, and my wife looked at me and said, " Was that “Heart of Gold” you were playing down there just now ?" Yes!!! Lol. I am grateful to have found the Justinguitar site and community. Very encouraging to read about other people’s learning experiences and to realize you’re not alone ! Also, of course, Justin…he’s a great teacher, and I believe, a pretty decent human being as well.


Hi Perry and welcome to the community! Good to have you on board and here about your learning journey so far. Plenty of people on here to help if you need it and of course if you’d like to share then feel free to in the #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing section!

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Hi Perry from NS. I was just vacationing there this past summer. A week in Lunenburg spent exploring the area and now my wife wants to move there - which would be fitting for me since my mother was born in Truro and raised in Sydney.
I am a bit younger - ok I’m 61 - and just started learning guitar at 57. I played drums on and off since 1970 but am looking to guitar for something I can enjoy solo or perhaps on a sailboat at anchor. I am infected with G.A.S for sure since I have already sold more guitars than I should have even bought at this stage of learning.
Justin Guitar has been the greatest resource for me. I did take lessons in person for a couple years but have not seen my teacher since Feb 2020.
Welcome to the community.

Welcome to the community. I dreamed of playing for my whole life and finally got serious about it 10 years ago. Justin guitar gave me a great start and now I’m so glad to be living the dream. Look forward to more contributions from you.

Hi Perry, thanks for sharing some of your background. What a cool feeling it must have been when your wife recognized what you were playing! A couple of weeks ago my wife asked me “what’s that one you were playing? The one that goes -she hummed a little bit of a-rhythmic nonsense-.” And I could only say, “uhm, that pretty much sounds like ALL of the ones I have been trying to play!” Sounds like you are probably a better player than me at this point, and I think you’ve got a better doggone wife, too!! :crazy_face:

Looking forward to sharing the guitar journey with ya.

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Welcome to the Community, Perry. What a wonderful moment to have the song recognised by your wife. I look forward to hearing you play, and would add my encouragement to Jason’s suggestion. It really is a wonderful way to get feedback and unbounded encouragement.

Hello Perry and welcome. :slight_smile:

Looks like a lovely guitar that you have. It’s great when someone recognises what you’re playing.

I spent a year or two living not far from Lunenburg back in the 80’s. A great place to move to especially if you sail ! Truro has been home for almost 40 years now. A nice town, and my wife is originally from here. Even has a music store or two, lol. The G.A.S. runs deep.

Hi Perry

Its great when the other half finally recognises what you’ve been playing, rather than complain about the racket you’ve been making. Stay with the program and you’ll do ok. As @Rossco01 said get some recordings up in the AOVYP section. It will be good for your confidence and boost your playing and some feedback always helps.



Greetings, Perry, from a fellow Bluenoser. (I’m in the HRM…West Bedford).

My journey sounds similar to yours. I’m 64, and over the last 25 years I’ve made several attempts at learning guitar, all ending in frustration. But last year I discovered JustinGuitar, and feel I’m finally on the path to actually playing the instrument.

Where are you located? Maybe there are enough Justin students to get together for a jam, once this Omicron wave dies down.


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Hi Tom. I’m in Truro, not too far from you. Haven’t seen any Bluenosers other than you so far, and very few Canadians, but I’ve only just started exploring the community forum recently, so, who knows ? Lol. Glad to hear you’re making some progress.