Greetings to all learners - Phil here

Hi. Phil here. I’ve been following the Justin guitar route for nearly two years now. The app is awesome, but I’m stuck in a rut at the moment. So to distract myself I have entered a worldwide guitar building competition. Not that I want to distract you from your guitar playing, however if you have ever thought about building your own guitar then please check out my video diary charting my build. I have also written a tune, thanks to Justin, that I hope to play on the guitar when it’s finished. If you have time please check out Crafty old git on YouTube. What can go wrong. Keep strumming and thanks for reading my post.


Hey Phil, welcome to the community, great to hear from you. I have often though of a guitar building course. Several friends have done it and loved it.

Hello Phil and welcome.
I’m sure I am not alone in wanting to see and hear your self build.

Excellent and welcome you crafty old git!

I am subscribed and looking forward to your build. I admit that I am uncertain about how you are planning to craft it with all those strips of oak and other pieces of wood, but it will be cool to watch!

I wish I had a shop…

Welcome to the Community, Phil.

One of the ways to avoid getting stuck in a rut is making recordings of you playing songs and sharing them in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing I found that it worked for me to set myself a goal to record a song that made use of what ever the current lesson was teaching. It gave me more purpose to study, learn, and practice plus the feedback and encouragement on my progress was invaluable.

I’ve been watching another member build a guitar here. Just checked out your first chapter and look forward to following your progress.

Thanks Tony. Have a go at building your own guitar, you wont regret it.

Hello Richard.
Thanks for the message, I am sure i can build the guitar but when it comes to the final video i will be nervous when it comes to showing my lack of playing skills. Wish me luck. I will be practising, practising, practising.

Hello Jamolay. I cant thank you enough for subscribing. I hope you like what i build. The video diary will be slightly instructional so that you should be able to build one for yourself if you want. You dont need lots of tools just somewhere to build and a good imagination.

Hi David
Thanks for the encouragement, much appreciated. I watched your friends video, he’s got some project on there and i will be subscribing. The competition i am in is aimed at supporting want to be guitarists be able to realise their dreams by helping provide funding to help them acquire instruments. Definitely a worthy cause.

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Welcome aboard! I can assure you that the learning never stops.

Hello and welcome aboard Phil. :slight_smile: