Großvater (STS)

Hi all,

its been a while since my last (and actually first) post here. This time i worked on a German (actually Austrian) song originally written by STS - called Großvater (Grandpa). I listened to those STS guys a lot and it is one of the songs a always wanted to be try to play on the guitar

[Grossvater (STS) 4.7.2023 - YouTube](Grossvater - STS)

If anybody is interested the translated text is here:


The challenge for me was to get the strumming and timing somehow in a presentable manor. Actually i am working to get more interesting / complicated strumming patterns automated and timed (and the best way to manage for me is to sing a along - then i know it is automized to a certain extend). Definitly it is still work in progress but thanks to @LievenDV s help i am getting there.

Still working towards my next goal - a slot at Justin OpenMIC - but there is way to go :slight_smile:



Andreas, I love it. I absolutely love it. I did not want your song to end :slightly_smiling_face:

Where did you learn to sing like that? :smiley:Confessedly I did not pay much attention to your guitar playing and probably I’m missing the knowledge to comment anything more profound.

Yet the combination of your singing and your guitar gave me goosebumps.

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Andy plays and sings very well. I think you rose to the challenge superbly and look forward to following your progress. Your definitely ready for a JG OM slot in my books.

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I liked it, Nicely played, and sung.

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Hoi Andy, des war echt guad zum ohearn! Hob i do a bissl an bairischen Einschlag g’ heart? I liked your rendition very much and your voice fits absolutely perfect into this genre. You definitly match all criteria for an open mic. Loved the multi angle production too. Looking forward to hearing more! I love the Austrian music scene, so doesn’t hurt to do another Austrian song!

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Oba sowos vo boarisch :slight_smile: Thanks a lot @Helen0609 - I love the Austrian stuff as well and work on a few more which I like most.

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Thank you so much- I listened to that song a million times already before I started with the guitar - the toughest part was to get everything coordinated. Thank you for your appreciation and great feedback - so great that you liked it.

@Socio Thank you so much - it is so encouraging!

@LunaRocket Thank you so much

Hahaha - ja ist echt ne Fremdsprache. Thank you so much


Andreas, that’s just awesome! :star_struck:

Very well played and not talking but the singing - amazing. So full of emotions, I really liked and enjoyed this. Und ich hab’s sogar trotz der Fremdsprache verstanden ohne Untertitel. :crazy_face:

Just kidding! That was great! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


You’re more then ready for the JG OM. You’re more then ready for any OM. A nice “presence” about your video. Well done.

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Jo servus :smiley:. And I thought, I would be the only one here playing STS songs :sweat_smile:.

Great stuff, Andreas :clap::+1:!
I grew up with this song, heard it at least a thousend times. Very well done. Your Bavarian roots served you well in getting the pronounciation right :grin:.

I tried to play and sing it as well from time to time, but had always some troubles with the high pitches of the singing part. You’ve found a perfectly fitting solution to this problem.
Congratulations - I hope to see you sooo at an OM :star_struck:.


Hi! It’s a realy cool song, i like it too.
You cyn check the song on

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@Willsie01 Thank you so much - this is so encouraging. Will go and give OM a try :slight_smile: )

@NicoleKKB Hi Nicole, i saw you “Irgendwann bleib i dann durt” and liked it a lot. Maybe we play STS along / together on day - would love it

@rhcp78 Hi, thank you so much - there is a obviously an active “Austropop community” here - so great!


Funny, I had exactly the same thought :smiley:.

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I enjoyed that Andreas. I thought you playing and singing were really good. Your strumming and timing sounded good to me.

Sign up for that OM.

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I’m very glad Stefan has bumped this as I’d missed it, really good performance Andreas and additional development of the song will come with time and extra practice, but this is in a great place as it is :slight_smile:

Not too far imo, it would be terrific to see you at one when you feel you’re ready :+1:

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hi @andyPlays

I was on vacation when you posted this but I saw my name pop up :smiley:
Great to see you share here as well!

I see where you made progress, nice!
You don’t need to wait to give yourself up for a spot on the OM when you ask me.

I spot some times where you’re hand doesn’t keep up the continuous up-down strum movement, which hurts the timing here and there.
You have always been self-aware enough to spot what goes smooth or not and you were addressing when it comes to “automation” already.

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@SgtColon @Notter @LievenDV

Sorry for late reply - thanks for the encouraging feedback - will work on it further


Playing catch-up …

Lovely performance and a cool video to accompany, Andreas.

I can only echo and encourage as others have said … if performing at the OM is an aspiration then based on this you are more than ready.