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Hi I’m grade 1 module 3 I have found a group that meets every Thursday night most are very experienced players I told them I only knew A D E and Em and Am the m’s not really good at yet, they no worries come along I feel they are way out of my league first night it was said if I didn’t know the cords just strum and play the ones I knew I have been having a lot of fun last night someone said if I didn’t know the song just listen as if I strum and don’t play a cord the musicians will be listening and it will throw them off I’m confused I feel this group is too advanced for me some are band players what would you do wait until I get better or keep going?.


I’d keep going. Even if you spend most of the time watching and listening it will help your playing. You’ll find most players are patient and will go out of their way to help you get better. There will always be that one guy who gets annoyed but don’t let that get you down.
There will also be people who are very helpful. Just remember everone was a beginner when they started.


Yes Rick I do agree I did tell the guy who runs it how new I was and he said that was ok it has been a learning curve I have to follow a print out not a marker on the computer telling me when to change cords or strum just word with the cords above very different cheers Ann

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Hi Ann, kudos to you for doing this, it take some courage but it sounds like you have come across a really supportive group who can remember their own playing / learning journeys and they want to be encouraging. Playing with them can only make you better imo so keep going and, above all, enjoy!!
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It’s always great to hang around and play with better players. Your skills will jump ahead quickly. If they can tip you off beforehand on the songs they intend to play and the chords, it would help you a lot. You can cover a lot of musical ground with a capo and your handful of chords.

Thank you I will keep plodding along I really enjoy it it’s a great experience

Thanks Notter I really do enjoy the time there

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