Guitar Case Coming Apart

I have an economy Gator Case, made of Tolex. It is coming apart at the seam that is just glued down with no stitching.
Can anyone recommend how to repair it and also how to prevent it from coming apart further?

Glue it back down with Contact Cement. Follow the instructions and apply to both sides, let it dry to a tacky feel before pushing the two pieces together


Thanks for that Stitch. Is there anything I can put all the way around to keep it from lifting again?

Iโ€™m a great believer in strategically placed small holes and plastic cable ties :laughing:

We used Gaffer tape to fix road cases. Not to be confused with Duct tape. If youโ€™re a handy person you can do a nice job. Personally I wouldnโ€™t worry about it. Just glue the bits that have let go.