Guitar Challenge (Improv) - Various Backing Tracks (suggested by DavidP)

Welcome to the Guitar Challenges. Each ‘challenge’ is basically an open invitation to anyone and everyone to play a song, an improvisation, a study-piece etc and post a recording – just for the fun of it.

So, whether you are a relative beginner learning the basic chords and strumming pattern of a song, a more experienced player adding a little fancy fretwork, if you want to do a little finger-picking, or you want to sing and play at the same time … you can join in with these challenges.


  • The challenge is to yourself.

  • These are not competition threads.

  • There are no prizes for making the ‘best’ recordings.

  • There is no shame for being at the beginner stages.

  • This is for FUN!


If you do want some constructive advice and feedback on your playing then that is cool. Just ask. Otherwise this is all about positivity, encouragement and having a go.

This topic is built on backing tracks first suggested by @DavidP.

Minor Blues Shuffle in Am: Minor blues shuffle in A.wav - Google Drive
10 bars - Am Dm Am Dm Em Dm Am Dm | Am Dm | Em Am

Retro 80s Synth Jam in G minor: Retro 80s Synth Jam in G minor.wav - Google Drive

Jamming with Vincent Blue Beast (Key of D): Jamming With Vincent Blue Beast.wav - Google Drive

I IV progression in A Major: Simple I IV progression in A major.wav - Google Drive

I IV V in A Minor: Simple I IV V progression in A minor.wav - Google Drive

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