Guitar Challenge - Play your favorite short lick or riff here!

Great topic.
It is somewhat revealing of the need perhaps for Justin to explain in his early beginner riff lessons the difference between a riff and a lick.
Multiple people (perhaps half of the uploads) are posting riffs here.


And I’m probably going to end up being guilty on that score as well Richard with this one!! Until this thread I’d only learnt the first half of this, before the walk up, so been a good catalyst to revisit this introduction lick (or riff, who knows anymore!) :slight_smile:


Lick or Riff what is the difference

You’re lucky that I’m so easy-going :rofl: Nooo I’m way too happy that so many people want to play along with me. :blush: :sunglasses:



Maybe @roger_holland should amend the title to reflect increasing riff content ? :rofl:
Anyway, well done to those folks posting riffs and the odd wolf whistle lick, since my last visit.


No no no ,that`s not the way :thinking:
TEACHER (don’t) leave those kids alone…

Now many more people are taking a crash course and be be more consciously (? I can’t find the right words)… :sunglasses:

Yes, you were joke…ing, but I know that and Joke can now almost walk here :joy:



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@roger_holland great challenge idea Rogier and great to see you playing again :smiley:
Loved watching everyone’s riffs/licks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ll throw in my lot with a riff not lick folks since I don’t know how to play those yet :smiling_face:

Hey Joe - Riff

From Justin’s easy version lesson for the song (at around 5:45 mins).

I’ve been working on fleshing out Hey Joe (albeit very slowly), as I hope to be able to play all the parts of the song (rhythm, riffs, lead, solo, etc.) one day (long term goal) :smiling_face:


Some think he’s a ‘space cowboy’…
Some think he’s the ‘gangster of love’…
From now on I’m calling him Maurice :rofl:


Catching up on the latest licks & riffs (whilst putting that discussion fully to one side for now :wink:)…

@roger_holland (or is it Maurice?) Outstanding, my friend! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
@HappyCat So cool! :clap: :astonished: Had a (unsuccessful) crack at that one myself in the past (great song!) and nothing simple about it from my perspective :laughing: Loved it! Whole song soon???
@Notter Sounding down right filthy there mate! Really dug that! :metal: :sunglasses:
@firasR Oooh yeah, you got that one going real well! Instantly recognisable :clap: :smiley: The ol’ little finger likes to travel though :wink: mine does too, been struggling to rein it in myself recently, something we can work on together! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Jeff :blush:

Thanks for pointing out the rebellious pinky, hadn’t noticed that. Seeing it now clearly in this clip, it looks like it’s trying to detach itself from the rest of the hand and run up & down the fret board yelling “I’m free! Free falling…” :rofl:

We’ll have to trade “pinky videos” and see if we can reign them in (I’m definitely expecting @brianlarsen to make some weird & hilarious comment about that at some point :rofl:).


Here is my lick try (first attempt at letting anyone but my wife hear me play)
Hope you recognize


Hey Daniel,

Cool little riff. Sounds like the one from Tennessee Whiskey.
Congratulations on your first video. You’ve broken the ice now mate. :+1:

All the best.

Cheers, Shane


Thanks Jeff @nzmetal.
Ya really want the whole song? I’ll post it up (in it’s own thread) if folks really wanna hear it. It really is a fun song.
I did a collaboration with another guitarist (from a forum my wife won’t let me go to anymore) of that song.
I did several with her and I think Long Cool Woman was likely the hardest song we did. It was hard to play the guitar part and my collaborator said it was killer to sing (collaborator did all the singing, which she did very good at). It for sure was the song we spent the most time in doing (of about 10-15 songs). About a month and a half to put it together for it to be mostly satisfying.
It was hard enough to do that I think it’s the only song that I did it in two parts. That darn into killed me. I just couldn’t do the whole song clean through so the into was done sepeate than the rest of the song and my collaborator, a skilled producer, put the two parts together for it to be a pretty transparent splice.
It was also the first song I did that I did hybrid picking on. It’s a simple bridge, but near as hard to do as the into was. For me anways.

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@roger_holland I have edited the topic title. There are so many riffs in here now that it seems churlish to continue a conversation about the difference between a lick and a riff and it seems mean spirited to not allow riffs as there are already so many to enjoy in the topic.


Fine for me , it did gave a nice insight into the music knowledge of many :smile: and the rebellion of others by completely ignoring my wish :roll_eyes: :smile: … I first wanted to open a Riff topic the next day after opening this topic, but when I realized how popular this was and it caused a lot of fuss in my notification system so I thought …no way :sweat_smile: (how do you deal with all those notifications??? :exploding_head: :man_bowing:)


@firasR Ah the iconic Hey Joe walk up !! Great to here this one added to the fray. :+1:

@dwalms Nice on Daniel, not one I recognised 100% but something very familiar for sure !

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Holy Diver, by Dio… (Riff… May return with a lick later )

The lick, which I believe is of my own devising


Hi @Geoff like that lick alot

really like the Guitar

What is it looks like a travel guitar of some kind


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This is a “Batking” headless travel guitar with brass bridge according to the Amazon blurb. It’s a very nice neck if a little chunky. A very hot pickup, use volume control to tame. With a coil split. The strap buttons are oddly placed and the bridge tuners could be geared to give a better ratio, but tuning stability OK till the strap moves the tuners… You get 30 days to decide to keep from Amazon. I kept this one.ed
Stainless steel frets else I might have gone for the “Anygig”. There are a few options. I use with tabletop amp. Take to parents and in-laws. I have h eadphones and a headphone amp for that…

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@GeoffMolyneux Love both your riff & even more so the lick :blush:

I’m inspired by both this thread and Justin’s Guitar Club Blues session last night to learn a few simple licks myself just to satisfy @roger_holland original purpose for this thread :grin: