Guitar Challenge (song) - Feelin’ Alright

This is an easy two chord song challenge for the forum to goof around with. Justin has a Grade 1 lesson right here:

I took the 7th chord route, but you do you. Have fun!


Nice one Clint.
I enjoyed that mate.
A great little challenge for all levels, as you say. So much scope for anything really.
Might have a crack myself soon if I can drag myself away from what I"m currently hooked on. :nerd_face:

Cheers Shane

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LOVE this tune @CT . I am a particular fan of Joe Cocker’s version of this classic. @sclay is spot on when he says this can be a “grower” song as your guitar chops improve. Gonna have to revisit this one soon for sure. Thanks @CT for the post. It’s sounding great!!

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Nice! Great job … I’ve never tried this, but might give it a go too … feels like you’ve started a movement here :slight_smile:

Cool stuff, Clint! :clap:

Was enjoyable listen, I really liked the groove you had going and how you made it your own.

Thanks for sharing and might starting a little challenge here. :smiley:

Thank you sir!

No worries. It will be here waiting for you when you are ready.

Grade 1 peeps can give this a go, maybe make it their first recording. How to start? Four down strums per bar. Follow the lesson.

Nice one Clint. I loved the groove that you have going on with this one. Hearing you play you’d never guess it was a grade one song. You sure have tarted it up to something very cool.


Nice suggestion Clint, I’ll give this a go but with a twist. I’ll try and get the bass down and then that can be used to play guitar over it. It’ll take me a couple of weeks - watch this space :slightly_smiling_face:

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