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Why are the Clubs so close together? Couldn’t they be spread out a bit? I’m as keen as the next person and enjoy them very much, but I do have other things in my life. :smiley:
I’ll not repeat the dates but if you look here you’ll see what I mean with the most recent batch.

If they were recorded it would not be an issue. But they are of course live and ‘once only’.


Would be good if those of us in the antipodes could watch them back as live is like 3am😬


Hey Craig,

As a fellow antipode who’s been around a little while, I can empathise with your sentiments re the time zones. Unfortunately, and most likely pragmatically, most live stuff is Northern Hemisphere centric. I’ve learnt over time to supplement elsewhere with certain things, to suit my needs.

Cheers, Shane

@CD02 @sclay @ all folk in the Asian / Australasian time zones (and others who are available to match 10am UK time) …

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I’m with @sairfingers. Obviously it’s not only me, who feels a bit “overwhelmed” by the frequency of the club sessions. I’m currently trying to follow two clubs, but given the circumstance, that a life is happening outside the guitar world, I’ll very likely will have to drop one club, as it’s hard to manage (seen from the temporal perspective), besides following the regular course and my regular (full) practice schedule, not only to watch the club session, but to implement the given information into practice. I really try to keep up, but I also would prefer a less concentrated time schedule. I really enjoy the Clubs and I’m happy they are provided!

Too much of a good thing.
It’s like buses.
Or good TV dramas.
Or live bands in a local venue.
They all seem to come at once.

We moved to club sessions every two weeks in response to early feedback that the frequency was too great.

Coming dates:

Vintage Club Monday 21 May with Richard (following the regular 2-weekly cycle).

Beginner Club Tuesday 21 May (following the regular 2-weekly cycle but Lee had to move his from his usual Thursday slot as a one off).

Theory Club Tuesday 21 May (a little less frequent and only available to PMT subscribers).

Vintage Club Wednesday 22 May - a trial of a new time slot to cater to different time zones.

Motivation & Inspiration Club Sunday 26 May (following the regular 2-weekly cycle).

Vintage Club Monday 03 June (following the regular 2-weekly cycle).

What can we tell you? We love you all so very much. Perhaps too much. We’re spoiling you.


Hi Shane,

Yes, it is understandable, and just another piece of the price we pay for being in such a great lace :joy: :joy: :+1: I forgot you were down under too.

Looking forward to next Wed.

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This week is indeed very busy as we had to reschedule some Clubs and add an extra one on Wednesday to accommodate different time zones. We’re working on making recordings available for these live classes as a workaround.

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the Clubs and are keen on participating. :slight_smile:


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