Guitar crack

Im bummmed. I found a small (less than an inch) crack in 5he top of my old guitar today. Off to luthier and I wont get it back for 5 weeks. They are super busy cause they are super good. Cant understand why it happened as I keep it humidified. Luthier thinks it was from prior owners neglect. I have only owned it for 4 months. It’s kinda like one of your kids having the flu. Worry alot.

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5 weeks! :scream:
What kind of slow glue is that? Maybe you can make the reservation and hang onto it for three more weeks and let them have it for the last 2?
If you have kept it humidified, they shouldn’t need to rehydrate it much.

Auch. I can relate to that. Missed one of mine for about 4 weeks due to a fret dress. (buzzing between the 7th and 10th fret).
You know you’ve got a good repairshop/luthier, if the guitars are piling up. (but also the waiting time).

But as they say, all good things are worth waiting for. When i got mine back i was very happy (kinda like having it bought all over again) and she plays wonderfully well again.

This shop has always done outstanding work on my other guitars. Lots of experience and I guess thats why they get so busy. The crack stress,s me out more than anything I guess. But I love playing this guitar so 5 weeks seems like an eternity. Your right, all things worth having take time and patience. Ill post as to how it all goes. Thanks

Don’t let it stress you out. A good Luthier can fix it like it wasn’t even there.

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