Guitar Eye and Ear Candy

I noticed there’s no “guitar porn” thread to be found on this community, yet. How is that possible?

I figured I’d start one. Calling it eye and ear candy so it won’t get flagged on the off-chance I scroll through this on a work computer. :laughing:

Found this image of a McPherson 12-String Heartbreaker to get things rolling.




Want some Candy !


If I go window shopping at Thomann, I always end up here.

Then here

Then here


And swiftly move on :rofl:


Well if we are sharing…

Maton EBW808 Blackwood 808.

Fender American Performer Strat in honey burst.

and then

Gretsch G5622T Electromatic Center Block Double-Cut Bigsby, Speyside.

:drooling_face: One day.


Oh yes, that Fender!!! :star_struck:
Beautiful …
Want one! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Somehow my brain has ended up on the Gibson train and that scares me, or rather it scares the hell out of my bank account.
At the moment I’m into this “little” tuxedo:

But until I become a millionaire, I guess this will fit my account a bit better…(Been in and out of my shopping cart 100 times already) :see_no_evil::

And somehow this also gets my motor running :wink:


There’ve been a couple, but they drift off into the sunset pretty quickly, unless it’s something that keeps getting bumped like What are you listening to? or Who just died?
I’m afraid this thread too, is doomed to obscurity by not calling it ‘guitar porn’ (which is what people will search for :laughing:)
I recall posting a picture of an Emerald Virtuo on one of the threads and here’s another started by @RobDickinson who knows a six-string centerfold when he sees it :wink:

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i’m a sucker for quilted trans black burst guitars, so clean.


THIS is the ONE!!! Duesenberg TV Phonic in Venetian White….

Oh baaaaabbbyyyy….

If I only had an extra $3700 that I didn’t know what else to do with!!!
Oh, it also comes in black!!!

(Sigh, Heavy Sigh, tear rolls down cheek)



I guess there is a good reason for choosing porn, then. Ha.

I thinks it because most of us would rather play guitars than just look at them.


Definite eye candy! Keep them coming

I’m glad I’m immune to this optical guitar enjoyment. Or else with a Pacifica, I would always feel like the kid in the meme where mom would say: “We got a Stratocaster at home”


This is a guitar I’ll surely never own, being so expensive:

It’s Devin Townsend signature model: Stormbender, made by Framus.

And here’s a video of the man himself playing it at NAMM:

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I just saw and played a bit on this guitar. Picture isn’t good. Small parlor size but sounds amazing. Arched top and back. If I was willing to drop $2200 it would be mine. But not. Right now.

Local builder, a student of our local Luthier, Victor of Victor Guitar here in Denver.


I luckily have the Blackwood cutaway it’s incredible


Plenty to see here

Don’t look at everything at once and don’t forget to breathe in between,


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Hey Joshua,
I’m interested in Victor Guitar & the associated School of Lutherie. Do you know much about it? My oldest daughter lives in the Fort Collins area & I’ve been thinking of visiting her for a week & taking the one week intensive class & building my own acoustic. I wish I could talk to someone who has actually done the classes and ended up with an instrument of their own about how good the classes are before I commit the money & time. It’s not cheap & I’d have to take vacation time off work to do it… just wondering if you’ve been to the facility?

Thanks, Tod

Hi Tod, I thought of doing the 16 week course at one point, when I lived just 6 blocks from Victor guitar. The long time frame and difficulty making up any missed time convinced me not to. The intensive sounds better, is it really only one week?

I like Victor guitar. Victor and his employees are nice and knowledgeable. The facility is good old school rustic. Plenty of space, tools seem appropriate and no fancy electronic stuff.

They sell guitars made by more advanced students, like the one I posted and they are quite good. The one posted is phenomenal, I want it, but won’t buy it.

I think in the first class you build a fairly straightforward guitar with few appointments if any. You can choose a few things like size or nylon vs steel if I recall correctly. Maybe Rosewood vs mahogany but nothing more unusual.

If you take a second class to build a second guitar, your options open up.

Victor said most of his students build pretty decent instruments that they prefer to play over reasonably high end purchased guitars. But, he was pretty sure some of that was the “I made it myself” factor.

I am sure he would provide you some recent student references if you asked.

You do realize that Fort Collins is not very close to south Denver, right? Probably an hour and a half drive and I-25 south bound is a ****show all the time, especially rush hours. You would be going with rush hour traffic.

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You do realize that Fort Collins is not very close to south Denver, right? Probably an hour and a half drive and I-25 south bound is a ****show all the time, especially rush hours. You would be going with rush hour traffic.

Oh yeah… I have driven I-25 multiple times & know the drill… it’s the closest Lutherie school I’ve found though. I’m in Albuquerque New Mexico, no opportunities here for a class on guitar making. It’s definitely a dream of mine, I have a desire to work with wood & love guitars so it’s a good fit… maybe I’ll give Victor a call sometime & see if he’s got a former student I could talk to, that’s a great idea, thanks!!!