Guitar Facelift

Hi has anyone used the guitar face-lift developed by Rick Parfitt basically its a plastic cover designed to fit Telecaster and Stratocaster type guitars precision cut and supported by Fender you peel of the design from the backing paper and place it onto you guitar its low adhesive & when you want a change just peel it off and put it back on the paper, Rick was showing his guitar collection on a you tube clip and 3 of them had the face lift one was a union jack design the other was a worn white Tele like his show Tele the other was a replica of Francis Rossi Tele they cost about ÂŁ20 i think, not sure if they are still available following his death will have to check the internet maybe a xmas present for the guitar player who has everything.

Checked the web site looks like its not active pity they had some good designs.

Managed to contact Mike Hrano Rick Parfitt`s business partner and the web site is being updated if you type in guitarfacelift .com go to the site click on products you can see some of the designs.

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Oh OK thanks bit new to all this


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Back to the topic…

I actually bought one of these for my daughter’s Yamaha Pacifica several years ago in the mistaken belief it might encourage her to practice.

It did not.

But that is no fault of the product.

The product itself is good. It fits on the guitar easily and is easy to remove. I think it was the Applause one I got.

It’s a bit OTT for me personally, but if you like the designs, then I can’t see a reason not to try them.



got it thanks