Guitar Geek Guitargasm

OMG. Guitar geek overload today. About six months ago I finally bought my dream guitar. Expensive, hand made luthier guitar and with a gloss finish, something I’d never really cared for.

I have cleaned the guitar and changed the strings on this guitar before but today I decided to do a super thorough clean and restring. I’m definitely in love.

It’s got a modern finish so the approved polish includes a bit of carnauba wax. (The Guitar ONE For Gloss Finishes).

It was such a neat guitar geek moment to polish it carefully and then hold it up in the light to see how delightful the wood grain and gloss polish is.

And I’m trying some new strings, I’ve almost always used Elixir phoshor bronze, but a friend gifted me a set of Martin Authentic Acoustic silked strings so it will be interesting to see if I notice much difference.

Gee it’s fun being a guitar geek




So we may geek out as well, what guitar ya got there?

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It’s a Kallquist TM-006

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Really nice guitar Tony. And it’s wonderful to see people supporting local luthiers. :clap:

It’s a tough gig trying to make a living as an instrument maker.

Thanks. Yeah, I’ve bought two guitars from local luthiers. They certainly earn every penny very well.


What a lovely instrument! I’d want to pamper it too. You’re fortunate to have good luthiers near you.

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Indeed. I had quite a few to choose from.