Guitar in shop for Set Up

I had a couple of weeks of practicing A and D, and last week trying to go back and forth between the two. I will be traveling this week, so will not have the instrument. I thought this would be a fine time to put the guitar in the shop to have its setup. I was told the action is a little high, so he will lower that for me. The neck is in good shape, as are the bridge and nut. It will be returned with new Martin strings. The wait list is up to 2 weeks.

A question for the group, are there any exercises I can do in the next couple of weeks that I can work on, before I had to resume the A to D routine? Thank you.



Make sure you practice tapping your foot! Listen to whatever inspires you.

I’m still in the first several months, but when I’m unable to play for a 2-3 days, I make sure to watch videos and just visualize what I want to work on.

You could also get acquainted with the A & D songs, so you can pick what you might want to learn.

Hope that helps!


Welcome, David! Great move getting it set up while you’re away! Having mine set up made a huge difference for me.

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I asked the same question once. Maybe some answers might be helpful to you as well.

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Thank you very much. I just watched the video. I had not considered tapping out rhythms. Learning the neck board is another outstanding suggestion.

Hi David!
When I don’t have my guitar handy but am listening to music, I strum my “air guitar” along with the song & try to listen to the guitar part so I can figure out the strumming pattern. Also listen to the song structure ie the intro verse/chorus/bridge outro etc. If it’s a song that I really like, I look up the tab online to see how close I was!
Good luck learning!


Thank you!