Guitar pickups

I have a fender Stratocaster mim and not really happy with the tone of these pickups so my question is what is the best single coil pickups for a fender strat?


Very much depends on the sound you are after. Not sure where you are based but these may be worth a look and listen. Good quality pups at decent prices,

BTW the way I have a splitable Smoke Stack II in my HSH strat, lots of flexibility if you consider coil splitting as an option.

Cool I will look into this.

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My 2011 Strat came with Custom Shop Fat '50s, which sound great. If you read reviews on those, they’re highly regarded.

Just found a YouTube comparison video that features these.

Thanks for the reply I will look into these for sure!

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Listened to the fat 50s tone and I do like it

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I have been very happy with pickups and their Kwikplug system. The ability to quickly and easily swap out pickups is a game changer.

That said, I’ve always heard that the MIM fenders are the cream of the crop. Are you sure there isn’t some other part of your signal chain that is letting you down? Amp? Are you taking the time to really get to know your controls? I have a fairly bargain basement strat clone and can get tone for days.

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