Guitar Pro discount link

Hi all

I just got a email from Justin, nice news btw, and there’s a link for a discounted purchase of Guitar Pro.

Unfortunately the link drives me to an empty cart.

Is the offer geographically restricted ?

Thanks for any tip you could have,


I was looking at this, too. You can just go to, click on buy and use the code JUSTINGUITAR on checkout and you get the ~45 euro price. That is what I found (I’m in Italy).



thanks a lot, it worked like a charm,


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I got the discount link email too. I have an iPhone and an iPad. Will Guitar Pro work on those platforms and will it be any use to me? I watched a Justin video about GP and it talked about ‘right clicking’ here and there to do things. This option is of course not available on an iPad.

Hey Gordon,

While Guitar Pro is a brilliant bit of software, it has somewhat less functionality on mobile devices.
I use it often, but rarely on my mobile/tablet unless its something ‘quick and dirty’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheers, Shane

So I’ve been thinking about this software but I cant find it in the App Store, and when I pull up the web page on my ipad its all gnarly :thinking:

Hi @LesPaulMoreRay, is this the link you used to find Guitar Pro for iPad in the App Store? I haven’t tried it myself, sorry.

I just clicked on that link and it says $6.99 which seems to be something different than the prices mentioned. Not sure if this is the full blown version.

I don’t think the mobile app’s features are on par with the desktop’s. The comments, on Android at least, do not seem too positive.

Just my 2 cents.