Guitar pro promo + Justin code 2022

Just though I would share with the community incase any one was on the fence on Guitar pro, like myself. They are currently running a promo for the next few days which compounds with Justins code for a really good discount.
Pairs nicely with his current new release Guitar Pro Experiments | The code is justinguitar at checkout.


I bought a license yesterday. With Justin’s code and their Black Friday discount, my license was around US$45. Quite the deal. I’d been using Tux Guitar but at that price it was easy not to buy Guitar Pro.

I bought it too with the discount plus a year of the songbook app subscription too. Also worth noting that Justin has put up a video in the past 24 hours about Guitar Pro if you’re not sure about how you might use it.

So what does this give you that other sources don’t? Is it ok for a beginner? From what I have seen it looks to be aimed at advanced players.

It’s tabs with rhythm that play, you can slow it down, edit, useful in transcribing. In some of Justin’s lessons you can download GP files so you can play along with them.

Whether it’s relevant for you is up to you, of course.

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I got GP using Justin’s link several months ago and am just starting to use it. I only use it for practice at the moment, and am just starting, but it is really nice. In some ways it could be used like a less curated and slightly more advanced version of Justin’s app.

There is a ton/tonne😉 of free GP songs, which are nice but suffer the same issues as, say, UG tabs (not always what you want).

But if you have a good GP file from a curate source like Justin or many other paid sources, they are quite good and it appears easy to use and play along to.

I think Justin is spot on in offering a discount. This is a great tool for all levels.

As a beginner, I think I’ll be using it mainly to learn songs and phrases within songs. I’m yet to try this (I’ve only had the software for 1 day) but I think it might be a next step from Justin’s songs app, where I’ll be able to import the audio from the original versions of songs and align them to the cover versions that I’m learning in Justin’s app. I won’t be looking to transcribe the entire song, just a few sync points to help me play along with the original recording, particularly around sections that maybe are slightly different from Justin’s app.
I can see that as a beginner it has all of the usual tools for altering speed and looping sections for practice purposes too. This isn’t unique to GP and there’s cheaper software if that’s all you want but there’s a lot more that GP can do that I’ll discover over time

I have GP for teaching.
I create TAB of songs, exercises, picking patterns etc.
There are existing resources but I still create my own as I mainly want to offer up TAB of simplified versions.

Whenever Justin offers GP resources he also offers the same as pdfs. I do not see that a beginner learner needs GP in any way unless hey really do want and have the time to explore a software tool that works with notation, TAB, midi etc.
You can, of course, do basics and keep it simple (such as create a simple drum track to help you practice rhythm) if that is as far as you wish to take it initially.

I’m not trying to deter folk. But for any beginners unsure what it is all about, I say focus on learning to play as priority number one.

Here is a screenshot of something I recently created for a student if you want a small insight into the user view of the software.


Great advice… I think of GP as a tool to aide learning to play at this stage… to practice along with existing GP files for lesson material.

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One feature that could be very useful is the progressive speed trainer as featured on this YouTube video Guitar Pro - Progressive Speed Trainer handy if you have a section of a song that you’re struggling with. There’s more to Guitar Pro than just transcribing songs