Guitar Pro Putting Multiple Exercises in 1 GP File


Another GP question as I try to learn the program.
How do I put multiple “exercises” in 1 GP file?
(i.e. Splitting/separating exercises)
As per the screenshot below borrowed from Justin’s lesson.
Thank you again

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Add all the bars first, this is just one piece.If you look at the small grey numbers above each bar line, they are consecutive, hence it’s just one piece with 3 loops of 4 in each. the text is just inserted “Pattern 1 ,2 ,3”

When you add a close repeat bar it will ask how many and enter the X4 or ??. when you have everything enterred theres a small diamond symbol near top left section with arrows pointing left and right. which allows bar edditing to adjust the whole look , put mouse in blue area and drag bigger triangle in ending bar to fit to width.

If you need help, I can make a short video and post.


Better still, I can very quickly add a page ready for use like this you can download and use as you see fit. :slight_smile: . I’ll link soon as I’m done.

Blank file - just click download for this one, open and save
Blank Template

You can either save my template or use the 1st file and save as template, which is best option as this will save in correct dir for your system.



GP allows you to add Sections to a page. Usually, it’s used to indicate things like “[A] Intro”, “[B] Verse”, “[C] Chorus”, “[D] Bridge”, “[E] Outro”, …

Place the playhead at the point where you want to start a new section and click the highlighted button. You can choose to indicate your sections with a letter (A), a name (Verse). I believe that’s how he added “Pattern 1”, “Pattern 2”, and “Pattern 3”.

If you want more spacing between the different sections, you’ll need to modify the style sheet. On the “Page & Score format” tab, there’s an option to edit the “Global score proportions”.



Doh ! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: … I’ve been using drop-down Menu: \View \ Design Mode … until 5mins ago. As ever, the “bleedin’ obvious” staring me in the face.

TU Rachel

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Thank you for your helpful replies. I think I get it now :slight_smile:
Naming sections, design style and closing bars

So…a few more questions… :slight_smile:
I’m not sure if it’d be better to write these as separate questions for other users.
I can rewrite them separately if you want

1) Is there a way to remove the musical notation and just show/display the tablature (strings and fingering)?

2) Is there a way to make a GP with no time signature? I know this sort of makes no sense. I guess I am thinking of just practicing something to a metronome with consistent notes (whole or half or quarter, for example)
For example. It is not my tab.

3) Is there a way to copy text? The “TXT” button.
I could only enter manually for each “note” 1+2+3+4+ and then for each measure
Or, should I just make a blank template with a lot of blank measures with the text/numbering as this example below

Thank you again for any advice and help

Yes. You can disable the staff and slash notation in the track panel.
You can change and enable the fingering display in the chord editor.


As far as I know, GP will always show the time signature at the beginning of the score. In the stylesheet, there are only options to display/hide the (repeated) time signature at the beginning of each system or section.

I don’t know if it’s the most efficient way to achieve what you want, but you can enter text for a note/bar/section, copy that note/bar/section and then use the Special Paste menu (which you can enable by right-clicking what you want to copy). There you have an option to include text, among other things.


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My apologies for the delayed THANK YOU :slight_smile:
These tips are very helpful.

No more questions for the time being, but I’m sure that I will eventually have more… :slight_smile:


If I may piggy back on this thread: is it possible to create a chord chart in GP? No stave or tab. Just bar lines and chords.