Guitar Pro query

Hey guys,

Just bought Guitar Pro 8 a few days ago. My first exposure to it, and looking forward to working with it. Great software, and love the audio track for the tabs, with it all in one place.

A specific query if I may on Justins GP files.
I loaded up his Rhythm Maestro 1 GP file to revisit these lessons. Image below for reference.
Why are only the beats playing in this file ( and others like it), rather than the actual rhythms? And thats only if I enable the metronome. So its basically silent.

Ie. All I get is the 1 2 3 4 quarter note beats on all the bars, rather than the actual rhythms eg 1 2+ 3+ 4.

Is this the way these particular rhythm files are supposed be? Rhythm without the sound of the actual rhythm seems alittle odd to me.
What gives? Appreciate any input.

Cheers, Shane

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I have GP8 too so I had a look at the files for this. I think it’s correct, you are meant to just hear clicks as the only instrument line is a castanet.

It all just an audible writing test, I know this is a couple of grades above where I am but, past music history makes this very simple.

The main video has 3 sections covering B.C and D with 4 Q&A per section which you’re meant to write in the top part of the PDF(only use from video). I’m sure you get this and hence those sections in the GP8 file are silent.

I can’t comprehend why he has a GP file though. If the goal is learning how to write rythem why have a written verion to practice from when its in front of you.

Anyway, yes, the GP8 file is just clicking. I think if you loop all of setion E,F and try to do the 3 styles, Clap, muted strum and play.

I would say that if you can play it , move on…


PS, don’t turn on the meteronome

Hey Rachel,

Thanks for the input.
I suppose as Im new to GP, I thought I might be missing something or a setting problem etc.
In these rhythm lessons, which I initially did some time ago, the PDF is for the visual/ written practice/ learning.
I assumed the GP files purpose was to include the movement and also the sound, at least somewhere there.
It appears I was mistaken, and it is an odd one. Anyway, nothing lost on these more basic lessons for me, but I would be looking for sound in more advanced rhythm lessons.
I’ll do a GP search across the whole site and see what I can find.

Cheers, Shane

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GP allows you to assign any instrument sound to a track, so you could swap the castanets for a guitar if you want.

Any chance the track is muted? I’m nit at my laptop right now so I can’t check.

If I understand you correctly, you don’t hear anything unless you turn on the metronome?

It doesn’t do that for me. It plays a click for each of the beats in each pattern:



Shane - something is wrong - the castanet should be making the sound that matches the visible rhythm.

It isn’t correct.

I agree. The metronome must be off for this.

It is … 100%.

Me too.

Check this.

There is an on-off mute button at the bottom in the global view:

This is the overall GP screenshot.

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Hey Guys,

Sorry, didnt mention this was on the mobile (Android) version of the app, which I bought as well for 7 bucks - to use late at night etc, if I got a riff or something in my head and wanted to get it down quickly. Or look at a quick lesson or similar. Will obviously be using the full PC version for everyday stuff. It all works fine. Sorry again.

I know the mobile version’s a different app, with very limited functionality, but I’d expect it to have low level functionailty like playing back a rhythm.

And it does. Justins Rhythm Maestro files all work fine on the PC, and all other files including any of Justins, play fine on the Android version. However the 2 Rhythm Maestro files remain silent. Strange. Settings are all fine. Not really many on the Android version, as its basically a player and a simple editor.
Just doesnt like something in those 2 files.
Anyway, no big drama. Sorry for wasting anyones time. As shitty as it looks, the little mobile app will come in handy when the muse appears. Can then transfer to the PC to flesh out and work on.

Cheers Shane


I’m certainly getting a castanet hit per “strum” not just on the beat.
Have you checked the sound settings ? I frequently switched between AI with headphones, to system speakers and often encounter no sound.

Can only think track is muted as suggested before but metronome needs to be off as it would muddy the water to start with.

BTW Justin’s GP files are locked and therefore cannot be edited. But you can change the instrument in the Track panel but the stock audio works fine as a rhythm guide.


The mobile version is definitely useful in conjunction with the full PC version.

I have been syncing a bunch of files I have been working on in Google Drive, so when I’m out and about I can open them directly into the mobile app on my tablet.

It’s really useful for Jam sessions.



I stand corrected lol. Odd then that this is a locked file that cannot be eddited so if something is amiss it must be due to version changes from when this was made. Maybe. :slight_smile:
@sclay Sorry, appears I was incorrect :frowning: