Guitar Pro vs Ultimate Guitar

It is time to upgrade my Guitar Pro 7 to Guitar Pro 8.
I see a lot of references here in the community for Ultimate Guitar. For those of you who use both Guitar Pro and Ultimate Guitar or have used one or the other in the past, what are the major differences of advantages of each platform?

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The biggest difference I know about is that the TABs on UG are generally more reliable, they’re done by the UG staff not by peoples submissions.
There is a work around that I’ve used in the past of downloading a file and opening it in TUX guitar which is open source so costs nothing. It opens the files used by both platforms.

I would say that GP is an application, which has links to a commercial library of decent quality tabs, and UG is an online library of tabs, mostly submitted by users and often of dubious quality. UG has a player, but it doesn’t have any editing capability.

If you want to, for instance, do some transcribing and TAB creation, UG will be useless to you. You will need GP or something like TuxGuitar for that.

I think they are different things entirely, with a little overlap.

You can download some of the files on UG and use them in GP, for instance.



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That is not entirely true… You got ‘official’ ones, created by the UG staff and they are streaming only. You cannot download them. Then you got those created by the community and they can still be downloaded and used in GP.

You just have to look at the comments of the ‘pro’ files to see if there any decent, if not, then just pick the one that is decent according to the rating :slight_smile: .

As for the difference, you need to see GP as the photoshop under the guitar tools. There are alternatives, but there nowhere as good. The UG site/app does not allow you to increase the speed by 1%'s, it only does it in 10%'s which could make learning a song harder…