Guitar Purchase regrets,

No, it’s not happened to me but I am curious if anyone purchased a guitar and ended up regretting it.



Regret mostly happens when the guitar leaves the house, rather than enters the house! :rofl:
I have bought & sold so many I am unsure if I regret any of those transactions in either direction. I tend not to hold onto things for sentimental reasons and can rationalise and logically justify all of my purchases and sales. But there are a few I really liked to play and miss them.


Yeah, I bought a particular guitar, when I played it before the purchase the sound wasn’t quite what I was looking for and I convinced myself it would sound closer to what I wanted the longer I had it. I was wrong, it never gave me the sound I wanted so I sold it. Thankfully I bought it 2nd hand so when I sold it I didn’t really lose any money.


Oh yes. I guess, it’s this air guitar I’ve bought some years ago :blush:

Well, it wasn’t a total regret though: a real bargain, a lightweight, easy to play and never had caused any finger pain. I had lots of fun with her, but she constantly went out of tune :grin:


@Richard_close2u Does this kind of negative thread not breach community rules?


Regret is a strong term. I can’t say I’ve regretted any guitar purchases. However, there’s definitely purchases that were better than others (i.e., the guitar in question gets used/played/loved more).

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I thought he was much bigger…


Bought the eric clapton Martin and it sounded like crap

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I bought a heavy built guitar because that crunchy sound of it :heart_eyes:…many months later I took it to the luthier for a set up, it surely became more playable for me, but the sound changed :sob:…(experimenting with different strings at the moment). At the beginning it being big and heavy gave me confidence, I holded it kind of in a Classical Guitar way, it felt very stable and made me feel kind of “centered in myself”… now I would like to have a lighter acoustic guitar and hold it the way it is supposed to be hold. I love it anyway and I won’t replace it…with time I’ll buy a lighter one…but I don’t want to give this one away.
@roger_holland Rogier is that a 3/4 size or a children guitar? I have a children guitar and it’s so much fun to play!

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Regret, no. Disappointed? Yes.

By and large, I have been happy with my purchases, though.

There is a guitar or two I regret NOT having purchased.

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It`s a pocket guitar :joy:
I thought a picture on my kitchen countertop would be clear :grin:




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I made a guitar purchase online during COVID. It’s a nice guitar, but I didn’t try it out beforehand. Experiencing a little buyer’s remorse… Over my three guitar limit (deal made with partner), and will lose money when I sell it. Oh, well. Live and learn.

Quite a few times, especially when it’s been an on the moment thing!
The biggest thing I have learned is that price doesn’t always indicate quality or suitability for what you need.
I got myself a Taylor 214CE beautiful guitar sounded nice but it was just a bit too big for me; I thought I would get used to it but didn’t so it had to go. In came a 000 size guitar (about the same size as a classical guitar) and I’ve still got it now 7 years on, it was roughly half the price of my Taylor!

Perhaps the only regret was the one time I bought a guitar on the internet and it arrived with a hole in it. Recently. Is now sorted out and good.

Another perhaps not regret, but changing in what I wanted. My first electric was a Squier Strat with a trem bridge. I decided I preferred a fixed bridge so bought a Tele a year later and sold the Strat.

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I bought a Freshman Apollo acoustic many years back. At the time my daughter was interested in learning the guitar so I let her help me choose as I wanted something that would appeal to her.

The model she liked was black and gold and very 'blingy". It’s a good guitar and I’ve used it a lot, but I have never enjoyed the look.

In the end, she never did learn, so I could have got something I liked

It’s a bit of a regret, but I still got plenty from that guitar, and it’s now probably going to end up with her husband who will definitely use it.




I’ve had more regrets selling, guitars are like tools, good ones will last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance and nobody ever complained about having to many tools