Guitar rack

So I have so little space, I basically live in an old folks home, when you get old apparently you only need a tv and a mug. So I found this on Amazon it holds 8 guitars to be fair it wasn’t a quick fit as there are in fact 40 yes 40 holes to be drilled, so not a job that is done near midnight if you have neighbours.
However I am really chuffed i haven’t hung 8 as I wanted a bit of space for the deck and cables plus you always need one or two down for playing.
I have small amps in a kinsman busker amp for acoustic and a Mighty Space for Electric this combined with A multi fx pedal board and an Izotope spire for recording all fits on this wall Brilliant hope this inspires someone


Oh wow, that’s a nice collection, Mark. Great idea to put them on a rack to win back some free space (for even more guitars :grin:) :+1:.

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It’s interesting. I have kept my guitars on stands for ever. I just got back from my local guitar shop. I took my favorite acoustic in for a bit of adjusting. The tech took one look at and showed me that the whole top was starting to bow. He said this was because I was storing my guitar on a rack instead of a case. He said I should always keep my guitar in a case with a humidifier. The humidifier is nothing more that a wet sponge in a plastic holder.

Mark you have a nice rack.



You mean, to acquire the next guitar? Thinking about it :thinking: :grin::grin:

All this means is you live in a dry area. I humidify my house and keep all my guitars on wall hangers and stands and have no problem with any of them. My oldest guitar is 77 years old.

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Without causing offence I was always led to believe that cased instruments don’t get played and to be honest I have no space for them, I do try and rotate my guitars but I hope that the new blues course is too expensive for me otherwise I’ll need a 335 :joy:

Nice collection Mark ! :slight_smile:

I did some quick measurements of your room and you could fit another 9 guitars on a stand. Your 335 and 8 other new friends :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thank me later :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Also, if needed, my neighbor have tried some ideas.

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Love it :joy:

That guitar rack looks like a great way to store your guitars in a real small space Mark. Thanks for sharing a real good way to store many guitars, and have them be real out of the way.
As for guitars that are in their cases not being played.
I still store in a case for the 3 that I use (I got 5, the two I don’t use are in a case too).
One of them gets played everyday (short of the 2 I don’t play often)… :wink:

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As for living in a dry area, I live in South Florida. The humidity gets so thick you can cut it with a knife. I use very heavy duty strings because I love the big sound. I’m guessing that the strings are contributing to my bowed top. I also hate having to case my guitar. I play both my acoustic and electric every day.

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Do you run your air conditioner for long period of time? This will dry out the air. The only way to know for sure is to get a hygrometer to measure the RH of the air inside your home.

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