Guitar repair woes 😞

Over the last year or so my acoustic has become problematic, mainly on the G and high E string. When strumming or finger picking a chord, For example C or G, the G string when in the open position sounds “off” and stands out from the other strings. When the G string is being fretted while played it seems fine, for example a D/A/Am ect. That said, when I capo the 3rd fret and play a C or a G chord the ‘open G string’ (relative to capo) sounds off again.

The high E sounded very metallic and had kind of a rattle (can’t think of a better way to describe it) in the open position when strummed. Also had some very slight buzzing issues on the G string when playing further up the neck.

All the strings are in tune according to two different head stock tuners, must have tried six different brands of strings 12s and 11s, lubed the nut but no success.

Took it to a guitar tech at my local store and explained the issues to him, he noticed the buzzing and said a fret dress and a tweak of the truss rod should sort out the buzzing and the problematic high E. He couldn’t really hear the open G string problem as much as me but would take a look.

Go my guitar back today and it’s buzz free, the high E sounds much better but the open G (although not as bad as before) still sounds a little off to my ear. Nobody else seems to notice it really lol :joy: (I think I might have been obsessing on it too much after first noticing it and now I’m going a bit mad :crazy_face:).

Anybody else get this issue? (The open G sounding off) or is it what I suspect, me losing my mind :joy:

I may just be looking for an excuse to buy the Martin I played last week ha. Anyway, sorry for rambling on :v:Lee

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I find that I can hear the difference in quality between an open and a fretted note. Maybe that is what you are noticing?

If so, supposedly a “zero fret” would take care of that. But I haven’t bothered as it still sounds good, just a noticeable difference.

I’ve been playing some more the last couple of hours, playing some songs through and tried to put it out of my mind. I think I’m just being a weirdo and making too much of it :man_shrugging:

It could be down to user error with me being a beginner, I’m now starting to be more mindful of being delicate when finger picking the open g. Also trying not to go too deep into the strings when strumming with a pick, see how things go. Thanks for the response :v:

I was all set to recommend checking the neck relief, then read further and saw that your tech addressed that and adjusted the truss rod. Maybe the next time you change strings, try a different kind to see if that helps the G string issue.

I’ve tried many different strings to try and find a fix but I think they’ve all been coated ones, I honestly can’t remember now. Will pick up a couple of non coated, two different brands and see. Like I said tho, it could just be that I’m obsessing about it too much. Man…once you hear it tho it’s hard to stop listening out for it ha :joy:

This guitar has served me well so far but over the course of three years it’s had a couple of repair jobs, any more and the money paid for repairs would almost be the value of the guitar. I’ll give it a few days trying non coated strings and see how things are but I think the issue could be somewhere else. :v:

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Another thing to consider is a set of acoustic strings with a not-wound G string. My guitar shop says the Ernie Ball Earthwood acoustic strings with the single-strand G are flying off the shelves.


I did consider this but would the nut groove need adjusting/filing to seat it properly? Think I’ll give them a try, thanks :v:

I switched to these to make bends on the G string easier (I was learning the intro solo to Wish You Were Here). I do like them a lot for that reason. The G string does sound a bit different than a wound string, at first I found it strange, but now I’m used to it. And it bends real nice.

I’m growing more frustrated when playing it now which is a bit of a bummer :disappointed: it’s nice that the slight buzzing is fixed and the high E doesn’t sound as bad, but I’m still not happy with it and would also like to lower the action. I’m going to get myself some tools and have a tinker myself as I’ve been looking at some instructional vids and fancy a go. :v:

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I wonder if you’re hearing the normal variation in all the strings at different frets and different pluck points. Plucking higher or lower on the string changes the character of the note, and this varies with which fret you’re playing, as it changes the length of string being played.

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I’m honestly starting to think the open g problem is more of a ‘me’ thing, it’s noticeable for me (probably because it’s in my head now and I’m ‘trying’ to listen for it), other people don’t notice it so much :man_shrugging:.

I’ve got my eye on a guitar in the shop which I love that I’m looking at buying, just need to find the time to go up and sit with it some more before pulling the trigger. So think I’m going to get myself a few tools to tinker with the old one. :v:

If anyone here has experience in set ups/maintenance, if they could recommend a decent kit I would be very grateful. I’ll do some googling/YouTubing myself but welcome any input, cheers :v:

I’m fairly new to doing this stuff on my own guitars, but I’m using tools from this company:

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I had a similar problem, and thought my guitar was bent, the solution was simple , I discovered the string pegs were not properly seated at the bridge . You need to make sure they are properly pushed home :+1:hope this fixes the problem for you.

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I’ll take a look thanks :v:

I’ve ordered some tools, pegs, bridge. Gonna have a tinker. Thank you :v:


Check the harmonic of the G string on the 12th fret, then hold the string down on the 12th fret. If there’s a noticeable change in tone ,then it’s most likely to be the peg needin pushe in hard while you tighten the string. :+1:

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Looks like a have some big issues :disappointed:
The ‘belly’ is very noticeable

This is forcing the bridge to start tilting forward and has a very small area where it’s starting to separate from the top.

This has caused the action to rise 1.5m at the 12th fret and the break angle of the strings from saddle to bridge pins poor, especially the B and high E.

Really not sure it’s anything me and my little tool kit can handle at this point ha. The poor girl will have to go to a proper luthier and see what can be done and how much it will all cost. Don’t want to give up on this guitar as it means a lot to me :v:

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wow, bridge lifting off is not a good sign. - Just looked at some videos how to fix and yeah, it need tools and skills. - The body will belly up somewhat, that is naturally, unless there are some more heavy wood inside to prevent it. My bridge bend along with the belly. - If you have the tools and have skills working with wood before, it should not be that difficult to do yourself.

Just watched some videos about it and will certainly watch some more. There are many interesting details to know about in this matter.

One thing though, I never have my guitar just standing in the sun, as it will heat it up a lot and glue get soft when heated up. That’s how to take apart the different parts of wood glued and since guitar is done with glue, it is something I from working as a carpenter know a little about.

Also there was a thing about guitars not being used daily, to slack the strings a whole tone, so there is not constant high pressure on. Also makes perfect sense to keep some pressure when not playing them, but not full on.

I fully understand you about getting her fixed. My first guitar here also means everything to me, so she have a special place in my heart and will be kept and cared for the rest of my life.

It can be fixed for sure, no doubt. Wish you all the best with it. :sunglasses: :pray:

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@Chazzo78 looks like your guitar is over humidifyed and the wood has swelled causing the top to bow. There is a product called humidity packs that will help control the humidity if that’s the problem.
Do you have a hygrometer to know what the RH is in your home?


Yeah seems like that’s case after looking up a few videos in the problem. I think the guitar also didn’t suit the 13-53 strings I used for a few months which didn’t help the pull on the bridge. I haven’t been using a humidity pack but I’m now looking into them, as I want to try keep on top of this especially as I’m looking to get another acoustic soon :v:

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