Guitar Riff Lessons Don't Mark As Complete

Following occurs in the iPad Justin Guitar Lessons and Songs app.

When I watch the lessons for the guitar riffs in Grade 1 Module 3 (Seven Nation Army) and Module 4 (Sunshine of Your Life), the lessons don’t get marked as complete. Not really a huge problem, but I get a warning when I go to the module practice session saying “YOU SHOULD COMPLETE ALL LESSONS BEFORE PRACTICE”. I had to open the lesson several times and fast forward the lesson to finally get it to mark as complete.

Additionally, the lessons don’t include the actual Riff tabs and I have to go to the website version to see the actual riff tab. I wish the app was all inclusive and had everything that the website has.

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Same for me on it not recording some lessions as done.
It’d be nice if there were an option to mark them as done, instead of having to go in and fast forward the video. I pretty much gave up on the app and do all the lessons on the website, and just use the app for the songs.
The lessons not having the riff tabs is so frustrating.
As well as one of the lessons on the website that just says “Buy the tab or make it yourself”.