Guitar Slide

Which finger should you use for a guitar slide?

Currently working on How Soon Is Now by The Smiths and need to begin working with my new Looper to record the one slide phrase in the song.

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It’s up to you and what you prefer. I prefer to use a slide on my pinky.

I have tried both and I am settling on my pinky for the most part. My ceramic one is sized for my ring finger and I think would be too heavy for my pinky. I have a thin brass pinky slide and it opens up my other fingers to fret. In the end it comes down to preference.

I think pinky would limit your ability to also fret notes more and make it harder to keep the slide vertical wrt frets

It looks like my ring finger is the most stable. The slide is relatively heavy and as well, I have a pretty short pinky finger so the slide wants to, well, slide off.