Guitar Stand verse Case

Besides the obvious concern of the guitar being knocked over on the stand, can anyone see another reason not to keep guitar on guitar stand and easy accessibly for playing?

I’ve read a few articles about humidity being damaging acoustic guitars. I don’t think this would be an issue in Melbourne Australian but I would like to hear other peoples experiences.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

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Keep it out and play it, cases are for long term storage and transport


My acoustic stays on it’s stand all year round in close proximity to my work desk. It goes through the rigours of the British summertime and winter temperatures without any issues whatsoever.

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I keep all my guitars out all the time so I can play them easily. I swear it makes a difference to playing & practicing more.

Cases are for transport and storage IMHO (like @RobDickinson said)


stand or wall hooks all the way. cases are in the basement collecting dust.

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Definitely on a stand or otherwise on display and accessible. You will thank yourself down the road.
Use the case when you transport your guitar to a gig or gathering.

I am in the out on display camp. I definitely love being able to just pick up the guitar when I feel like it. Plus they look great! I am positive that I practice more with them out.

Put them in a safe place, near a wall, corner or wherever there is less traffic. Use a decent stand, monitor for extremes of humidity and protect them from that in the case when needed. My house runs 35-50%RH this time of year. Winter will get much worse I suspect in this new to us house with forced air heat. I may need to address that when RH drops to the teens.

Another voice in agreement, Simon.

I’m going to amplify wall-hangers (in case it didn’t stand out in the replies). Good solution to deal the risk that may be associated with leaving guitars on stands.

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Properly installed wall hangers keep your guitars safe from kids, dogs and vacuum cleaners. I’m in the keep them out camp.


Why do people have such wild kids, dogs and vacuum cleaners? I keep my guitars on floor stands, pretty stable and out of the way.

I have a young and not so well coordinated kid, a not so young anymore but also not so well coordinated wife and I meet that description as well. The dog is high energy. The vacuum cleaner does get used occasionally.

No guitar incidents in 2.5 years.

Edit: no young boy children, maybe that is my saving grace.

I keep my guitars on wall hangars, as it takes up less space than a floor stand.

Have no kids, Wife plays guitar and dog passed away years ago. But I have no control over other people spouses, children, drunk friends or pets. One of my jam buddy’s wife knocked one of his guitars down a set of stairs while vacuuming. The kicker is he doesn’t keep his guitars anywhere near the stairs.

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Stack em and rack em. Works for me !

I’m passionate about keeping my guitar on a stand, for me, it gets played a lot more than if in a case.

During the drought in New South Wales 4 years ago, I had a quite new guitar made of solid wood suddenly crack down it’s back. I was sitting right next to it when it cracked, what a loud noise. This guitar was on a stand. I had a much older guitar also on a stand that never cracked. I didn’t really monitor humidity although I was aware it was much lower than normal for this area. From memory I think it got down around 27%

The area I’m in is the Northern Rivers area, which is normally quite humid and green.

I recently bought a hand made somewhat expensive new guitar. I was a bit concerned about buying such a guitar with the crack I had in the previous one. Also the guitar sounded so very good and looked stupendous that I bought it regardless of my concerns.

I discussed the situation in detail with the luthier and he’s comfortable with my new plan. I now have a hygrometer in the main room where I keep my guitars. I also have one designed for sitting inside a guitar case. I’m loosely keeping an eye on the humidity, for several months it’s been around 65%. If / when it drops below 50% I’ll put it in the case at night with the d’addario humidity pack and monitor.

My understanding is if you put the guitar in its case without adding (or removing) humidity in the case it’s no different to leaving it in the stand.

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This is true the air inside your case will be as dry as the air around it. Some people claim it take longer for the air inside the case to lose moisture. Which is also not true. Every time you open your case it exchanges air with the room it in. Yet people still think their guitars are safe inside the case.
@tony The OP is in Melbourne do they ever get as dry as your area did or is being right on the water keep things humidified?

Hey Stitch. Our area is particularly humid and green all the time except this was a significant drought. My wife, originally from New Zealand, feels like she’s back home living here with the lush green hills and such, except it’s cow’s in the paddock instead of sheep. During the drought our creek stopped running, something it’s not done in many years.

Melbourne should be a lot better. As you say it’s right on the water. Here’s what wikipedia says about melbourne…

Melbourne is well known for its changeable weather conditions, mainly due to it being located on the boundary of hot inland areas and the cool southern ocean.

To be honest though, I’m fairly ignorant about what the humidity levels are in Melbourne. :smiley:

I’m in the “mixed” group… my current favorite is on a stand… the rest are in their cases except for the 2 I keep at work in my office… one on a stand & one on the wall!

My wife has requested that I redo our study and hang all the guitars on the wall! She saw me cruising UTube & that “Belgian guy” with a beard was playing with his guitars hanging behind him… out of the blue she asked if it would be OK for us to hang my guitars like that!!! :rofl: OK? I’m going to LOVE IT!!! :heart:


When the indoor humidity stays consistently above 40% (spring, summer, most of autumn) they stay on stands. In the hard Minnesota winter, when the indoor humidity stays well below 40%, they’re in their cases with humidification devices when I’m not playing them. Better safe than sorry.

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Humidity can be dangerously low in a heated home. A case allows one to control the humidity with a special sponge. This is much more important with solid, acoustic guitars. This is one area where laminate guitars shine. They are affected much less by changing humidity. Watch Randy Shartiger’s videos on this.

However, most of the year my acoustics are out and within reach.

My electrics are never in a case.

Thanks for all the responses everyone. I think I will continue to use a stand and keep an eye on the humidity.

I agree if I put them back in the cases they will get used less.