Guitar Storage tips

Thank you everybody for your input. I’ve attached a picture of my current collection (except the acoustic, which still needs a stand!). Your feedback was what I was hoping to hear because I do want these guitars easily accessible.

I appreciate the comments on humidity, I am in Florida, the winters are relatively mild but humidity hovers around 50%. Once mid-May comes around the house is pretty much closed up until around November, the the air conditioner keeps us around 50-55%.

Rock on!


You will play a lot more if it’s not in the case. I keep my expensive guitar out on the stand and it doesn’t cause it any issues - electric guitars are fairly sturdy things. Just probably keep it out of direct sunlight like you would anything

I’m in the UK so I don’t know if you have humidity issues to consider if you’re somewhere else in world.

I’d only keep in the case if it was like an antique or something, or if you have kids running around or not enough space that someone might bump into it

I have my guitars in hard cases when travelling or going to play with friends as I feel it offers some protection from knocks in stop start driving etc,but sometimes the size and weight can be a bit of a pain and so I purchased a “canvas” covered light weight bag that has about 10 to 12 mm of padding and is a dream to carry around and also has straps for putting on my back, but it has a vinyl lining ,I wondered if this lining can be abrasive over time or perhaps be a draw for moisture if in sun on the back seat of a car,has anyone experience with this style of case,?? Thanks.

Hi Graeme,

Do you mean leaving the empty bag in the sun? Generally, you will not want to leave the guitar in direct sunlight or near direct heat sources whether it’s in the bag or not as the glue used for the assembly may melt, leading to deformation which is not easy to repair. I don’t say guitars should be stored in total darkness, but definitely not in hot places (e.g. leaving it in the backseat or in the trunk in the middle of summer with the car in direct sunlight).

Hello jozsef,thanks for your reply,I usually put the guitar in the boot/trunk but some times for a short trip it is in the back of the car,I prefer to use the hard case with the soft lining but the weight with everything else I take to a little group I play with is quite awkward,it sounds like you are also someone who takes care of your instruments ,cheers.