Guitar Storage tips

I am looking for suggestions on the best way to store my guitar between practice and playing sessions.
Should it be:

  1. Put in the case
  2. Set in a stand
  3. Hang it from a stand

I have a HERCULES GS414B PLUS which is a portable guitar hanger, but I bought a another guitar and was wondering if I should be storing the guitars in their cases or not.

Thank you for your input.

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I like my guitar out to pick up whenever I like, but I am able to manage humidity pretty well without resorting to a case.

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Cases will protect them some from temperature and humidity changes if you have issues with that otherwise leave them out and accessible to play

I have both Hercules Wall hangers and Floor Hanging stand.
The only time my guitars see the inside of a case is when I’m taking them to a jam. I also keep my house humidified in the winter months.


Mine stay in stands except during the Minnesota winters, when the ambient humidity levels are too low in the house (with the extreme cold of Minnesota, keeping humidity levels above 45% would cause condensation on windows and possibly cause structural damage to the house.) Then they are kept in their cases with humidification devices when they’re not being played.

Thank you for your input.
I heard exactly what I wanted to hear so thank you for reinforcing what I wanted. I’m looking forward to having them out where they are visible and easy to pick up.

I’m off the my local music store to buy a new stand.

Much appreciated.

Like this. The people I know that store their guitars in cases and cupboards never play them.

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Mine’s on a wall hanger, both because of how awesome it looks and easy accessibility for playing (as others have pointed out already).

@jkahn looks familiar!

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If you have the wall space, wall hangers are great.



They are as long as you fix the hangers in the wall correctly. I didn’t and had my only (at the time) guitar fall off the wall!!


The walls here are dry-lined, which can be a problem unless you get the right type of anchors.

I used Gripit fixings here.



I’m team Majik here, and I have solid walls in my music room where guitars are hanging so that’s great! :smiley:


Since we are sharing.
Out in the living room for ease of access. Besides, they look great!

That room is way too tidy!!

Indeed. My walls are solid and have varying degrees of plaster thickness, being over 100 years old. Lesson learnt as they now stand on the floor.

Wall hangers for me. They are so close to my usual ‘sitting spot’ that I can’t help but pick one up several times each day.

If they were in a case, I know they’d get less use.

Don’t worry that was literally few months after moving in and straight after fixing those guitars to the wall :smiley: I wish it was tidier now, lot more cabling around!

Hi Mike. We all want to have our guitars on stands and easy to reach and not in cases that put us off playing, but have you really read all the previous posts?
Several off them have stressed the importance of humidification.
I live in Scotland which has a fairly temperate climate. I’m fortunate that I do not have to worry about extremes of temperature/climate.

I think however it’s important that you are aware of the humidity levels where you live. Not much point in having your pride and joy easy to reach and play if it dries out and splits or gets damp and swells.
I’m aware that in dry conditions the tuning of my guitars goes flat and if it’s damp they swell and go sharp.


Works for me!