Guitar Teacher vs music school

To all the guitar teachers and students out there :sunglasses:
I am currently doing a ‘pre-study’ course to prepare for the main study that would take 2 years at a music academy starting in September. I am not really satisfied with the school and thinking of trying another attempt. My goal is to teach guitar starting next year (beginner to indermediate) and instead of doing the guitar studies at the music school, I will meet a really good teacher today I have had several years back to find out, if private lessons with him will be more beneficial. I don’t really like the teachers at the current school and they don’t really listen to our feedback.

Just wanted to get some feedback what really matters when it comes to making progress in your guitar journey! I am teaching some beginners already and can tell that the teachers at my music school are good players but not always good teachers. As I don’t need a diploma per se to reach my goals I think this private tracher is a good option. What are u guys looking for when taking lessons?

Thanks for some thoughts on that.


In my experience there are good and bad teachers and good
and bad student. One students bad teacher is another students
great mentor.

I have never taken lessons at a music school or private lesson but I have learnt from some fantastic players.
That said they have also played the style of music that I wanted to learn.
So a private teacher would be easier to find in the style your interested in learning.
But finding the wrong teacher privately would be the same as
going to the wrong music school.

The big quetion is what do you want to learn and then teach.
Are you wanting to be a jack of all trades type or are you going
To specialize in a specific genre? That would make it easier to
find the right teacher or school.

True, it’s the ‘focus on my interests’ that is the tricky part. But I guess a teacher has to come up with a plan to make you progress in the fields you want to focus on. In my case: rhythm guitar, song repertoire and analyzing songs. I got my theory to a point that I know more theoreticaly than I can actually play. So that is covered. But the music school focuses on 12 topics that are not looked at together but seperately.


This is true but your responsibility as a student is be clear about
what you want to learn.

This is a broad statement not a destination. It’s like telling your
travel agent “I want to go to Europe”
You can’t learn everything at once you need to deside where you
want to start.

What does the music academy you going to attend specialize in?
That should be your focus.