Guitar transportation and rain

How do you make sure your guitar stay dry during a rainy day?

I am moving around between places every now and then and avoiding rain is always a hurdle.

Do you have a guitar case? If not get one. If you’re worried a bout
the case getting wet put a couple of garbage bags over it.

I have a soft case. I am unsure how much waterproof it is or how to test it out.
garbage bags sound like a useful idea though it might be harder to carry the case this way.

You can always cut holes for the handle or the straps if you carry the case on your back. But if it’s not heavy rain, a soft case should do well.

Be careful of the opposite situation: high temperature. Once in a hot summer day, I left my acoustic Washburn guitar in my car under the Sun and went out for just 30min to buy something. The glue went undone when I came back, and cost me $100 to fix it. Maybe I should loose the strings beforehand.