Guitar wireless transmitter

What is better for these uhf, 2.5 ghz or 5 ghz? What’s the advantage and disadvantage for these?

No easy answer unless I knew something about the modulations used. So some generalities:

  • UHF will transmit through walls and other obstacles better
  • 2.4GHz is used by many, many other things, so the environmental noise will be high. Wireless LAN is near this band and bluetooth is in the band. A couple cellular phone bands are near this band in most countries.
  • 5GHz is not much better for noise because the number of items using it are growing. It will also likely be the worst for distance unless the transmitter is designed with higher power. Wireless LAN is near this band and bluetooth is in the band. In the US, some aircraft radar is near the band as are some cellular phone bands across the world.

on a radio design, a primary goal is to maintain signal to noise ratio, so this iwhy we care about the environmental noise, like your computer’s bluetooth and wireless LAN. This is not always the kind of noise you can hear demodulated. Digital modulation techniques can be fine until they are not, and on a radio system the link may just drop. Digital TV is a good example.

For an analog radio link, the noise will probably be audible when demodulated. AM or shortwave radio is a good example where you can hear the noise, but also make out the stuff you want to hear.

For my two wireless, both are UHF. Both drop out with a more digital modulation style of failure. One seems to have a higher load capacitance than the other that I can hear in the rolloff of the high frequencies of the guitar. I got these as low-budget gifts, and find them useful, but NOT something I’d gig with. Both can cut out or pop oddly, but not too often. Both cut out when I am about 15-20 feet away and through a wall.

I find mine handy when I just don’t want to mess with a cord. I recently spent a few days on holiday with my wife and used a wireless instead of having a cable I may trip over in the room.

Battery time is at least 4-5 hours - I really haven’t tested for it and I am often quite close to the receiver which may reduce battery drain if transmit and receive units have 2-way communication to arrange the power levels, but I somewhat doubt this.

Both of these were around $45 US. If you go with something more expensive or by a reputable guitar goods manufacturer, then you may have better features and performance than I see. I do not have any complaints other than one of them doesn’t fit my S-style with the jack on the front at an angle, and the other is too long and I need to be careful not to knock it into something (like a knee or guitar stand). Sometimes I plug in a short extension cable just long enough to tuck over the strap lug and then plug the wireless into that.


I haven’t got one. This guy reviews a lot and has comments on pros and cons, here is one example, he has lots more on his channel. Maybe even reviews the brands you are looking at.

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Wow that reply was perfect! Thanks so much.

Hi I bought some LEKATO 5.8htz plug and play cost about £59.99 reduced from £69.99 cant believe the difference in the sound very clear and no leads to trip over i can have the amp upstairs and play downstairs if i wished no degrading in signal no interference from electronics or cars good piece of kit.

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Thanks I will look into that one

So I found one to try it was cheap and they work well. These work off UHF channels and so for no problems . For 20 bucks straight from china if they fry tomorrow it’s 20 dollars but I get the idea and feeling for what I want.