Guitar withdrawal symptoms

Every time I’ve had to take an extended hiatus from guitar (more than a day or two,) either by choice or due to life circumstances, I’ve actually played better when I got back to it. I’ll be interested to see how you react, given that it’s the first time you’ve ever experienced it.

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In bay of plenty, Papamoa, pretty packed schedule seeing family and touristy stuff though! Where are you at?

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ah wrong island, in Christchurch…

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Yeah, holidays are good, plenty of eating bad food, drinking and no guitar though… hmm, is it doing me good? :rofl:

If the recycle bin is anything to go by, for sure I’ve tried a few of the local craft beers :wink:. I don’t mind a good hazy pale ale.

And based on the smell by the beach lookout in the evening the locals don’t mind some more plant based pursuits. Not my thing though. :wink:

Good tips on the fretboard stuff. I’m using justin’s apps for some of that. And AVOYPs… not just yours :rofl:

Alcohol and ice cream. Not mixed though.

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It’s terrible! :rofl: :rofl:

Based on your AVOYP you’re doing as well as ever. I’m hoping a couple of weeks isn’t enough to lose calluses… that would be a PITA.

Wow, I did not even know that was a thing. Not cheap but looks pretty cool. How does it sound & play?


You could always crack on with Chris Liepe’s course in the evening down by the beach lookout :wink:


Don’t want to get arrested for public nuisance @Socio :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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A kiwi bach will typically have a washing up bowl or laundry basket, mop and certainly no8 wire hanging around somewhere.

So get on and build your own

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@jkane The sound is quite good, not as loud as I’d like it to be, but keep in mind my daily play acoustic is quite loud. The nut size is 1 3/4 which is my preference. It has built in static pickup so I use a headphone amp and feed that to a battery powered speaker when I need volume. That worked well for me on a trip to the US where I played for family outdoors near a busy road. Not a gigging setup but gave that extra bit of volume.

The body size I would describe as 7/8, not quite full size but not small. I’ve previously owned a maton mini which I gave up on due to lack of volume unplugged and the journey is definitely better than the mini.

I’d say it’s all about compromises. The compromises I get with the Journey suit me because I can take it all sorts of places I can’t take my full size acoustic. I like it well enough that it’s my spare guitar while we travel in our RV where I have room for it and my acoustic.

Several friends have bought the wooden Journey models, also collapsible and cheaper and several of them complained about the build quality.

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Yes! Of course! We all should look further than to the fretboard from time to time, even if it’s hard! See it as a chance to look outside of the “guitar is always on my mind” box :wink:
Better said than done, I know… I’m a enthousiastic skier and love outdoor sports, but since I touched my guitar for the first time, I find myself always thinking about guitar related stuff, even in a chairlift I find myself thinking about how much practice time I miss while waiting for the ascent. Completely stupid :see_no_evil:

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Well I arrived back home a couple of days ago, exhausted. Played some guitar of course.

I can still play fine :astonished: although I’m a lot sloppier than before and my fingertips hurt a bit! Not newbie pain but I’m certainly feeling it after half an hour of playing.

Time to get back on the practice wagon.

I think I’ll look into one of those travel guitars if I end up on another trip in the future. Road trips I just take my cheapo Yamaha.


I’m also currently on vacation, with family, away from my guitar, for five days. It’s been a nice trip, but I have thought about guitar practice many times.

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Torture! :joy:

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