Guitars For Vets, US VA program

Hi there. It has been a long time since I posted last. I have kept practicing guitar, but mostly stagnated during my violin practice (I joined a parent orchestra to learn the violin. It was a great experience to learn to sight-read music, and get a few new wrinkles in my brain but I learned that I can’t stand the noise that the violin makes. Lol) I gave my all and am proud of how I did, but now it is finally winding down and I am getting back to my true love, the guitar.

I am a partially disabled US vet, and there is a program now being offered that offers free lessons and a free guitar at the end of the program. It is an incredible opportunity to get in person lessons and I am excited to take it.

Are there any others here who have experience with this program? I am excited to take the opportunity (although they have some HUGE shoes to fill with Justin’s lessons so far!) I am wondering of how deep tjey get into theory because now that I have been slightly exposed to it, I am getting eager to dive in deeper.

Thank you!

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Hi there, We have a similar program here in Canada for disabled Vets who are provided with the opportunity to take up guitar. EXCELLENT Program!! Enjoy your journey.

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Yeah, I think you’re supposed to use the hair side down, not the wood, ok.


How can you not like this ?


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What she is doing sounds a heck of a lot better than what I do with it. It is absolutely my lack of skills. While I am proud of my accomplishments, I need to be honest that I went from the sounds of a cat fight to more of a husky dog crying for dinner. The teacher only just barely let me play the E string. Lolz

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That was wild. Thanks.

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I live in Brooklyn and am a VET. There have been programs to teach VETS guitar. Sadly, most have fallen away thanks to Covid. In one program, if you stayed the course you received a new guitar. A few years back I was in a concert with several disabled VETs from Walter Reed. The counselor for them introduced guitars to each one and they took to it like a duck to water. He told me they would play on that guitar for hours and it showed as they were all quite good. Maybe more programs like this need to be brought back.


I went to Brooklyn one time in 1992 or so. My friend had an apartment near Prospect Park. I think that things are different now, so I am told, but it was pretty sketchy there then.

I bought a videogame called Rocksmith the Christmas before last. I played it for hours at a time and then got more serious a few months later and found Justin. I have been with Justin a little over a year now. Too bad I waited until I was 52 to find music but I am glad that I finally did. Guitar has been very helpful to my mental state and I often play for hours, when I can.

This sounds like the same program. They may have started it back up after COVID. CAVARTS is the bigger group that this falls under and they teach painting, poetry, and other art to disabled vets.

Things are very different now in Brooklyn. I am not much into art but I will mention the program to my Vietnam group. thanks.