Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry (Acoustic)

Hey, guys, so with much debate and a little beer on Friday, I decided to murder yet another well known song. :skull_and_crossbones: Decided to simplify it a bit, play the arpeggiations for the first two verses and then everything else strummed. Was thinking to do power chords for the third verse, but, eh, maybe on electric someday.

Chords used: Am Dm C G/B F E G


Hi I don’t know this song but I can easily pick out the melody and the chords you are playing, it made me want to go and search it out, so good effort.
My first reaction is that this looks like quite a difficult song to play and sing because like a lot of songs with picked chords in them, the rhythym you follow with the picking pattern is different to the rhythm of your singing. Hope this make sense. Only solution, for me at least, is to slow things right down and get the picking pattern down really well, then add in the singing at that slow pace then bring it all up to speed.
When you practice like this, you will spend a session, say half an hour and feel like you make no progress at all, then mother one, and on the third or maybe the fourth one it become noticeably easier, like magic. Your fingers just seem to know what they are doing.
Sorry that turned into a bit off topic from your video, but I think a little bit of focused practice on this will make a massive difference
Well done cheers

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, this song is still work in progress. To be honest, this was the first try and first take of playing it, so I expected something worse, actually :slight_smile: In the future I will post a version two of it.

Yeah, it’s quite different experience to sing over picked chords instead of strummed ones.

Hello Aurimas, first of all I’d like to reassure you that you won’t get imprisoned in jail for murdering the song :joy: More than that yours seems to me an attempt to bring it to life :blush:
The first arpeggiated part sounds already quite sweet, it just needs more practice but I think you’re on your way to it. Honestly I didn’t like the strumming part, I wouldn’t be able myself to find a pattern that fits for the chorus, and can’t give advice…maybe less strums? Maybe accents? Or maybe the strumming is fine but the singing doesn’t go along as it should :thinking: For the singing my advice would be to practice it on its own: sing along, the volume loud enough so that you can hear it well but also that you can hear well your own voice and detect the parts where you’re not in tune, take a note and work on them. I hope this doesn’t sound rude…and I’d be happy if you took your time to work on the song and post it again when ready…it’s for sure one of my fave by the Guns :star_struck: Have fun with your practice :blush:

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Thank you very much for the feedback. Will think about these things while practising :slight_smile:

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Okey, so I (kinda) practised the song more with the arrpegiations and what not, though, did not know what to do with the strumming in choruses and third verse, so I left it as it was, but also used accents (as far as they can be used [heard] without using a pick) and I made take 2 of it, and in my humble opinion it is better than take 1.

Sure, I think, I could have added in the end the outro:

but, for campfire song simplicity sake decided to leave it as it is. And, sure, I could have used something more from this tab for choruses, but I did not feel like it. To me, at this point in learning at least, simpler is better.

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