Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O'Mine (Acoustic Version 2)

So, I remembered that I wrote some months back that I’m going to post a better version of SCoM with the merry-go-round intro on the higher frets (I could learn the proper way, but on acoustic it’s really cumbersome for me to play anything past the tenth fret, so… nah). This was one of the first songs that I’ve posted here, as I remember (plagued by the same stops between chord changes, if I remember correctly). I was going to add a little solo after the first chorus, but decided against it, cause without a backing track it just sound weird.

As a side note, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually played the merry-go-round intro, and for the life of me, some weeks back I could not understand why I’m having so much trouble with it, considering that it’s just D, D/F# and Dsus4 shapes arppegiated, till this week it clicked to me what I’m doing wrong (lifting my middle finger from the high e string in D chord shape, and making the arpeggiation more complex than it should be)


Nice acoustic version Aurimas :+1:


Great job on the intro.
Nice arrangement for the chords.
Vocal - a little bit out of tune, but hats off for playing and singing together.


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The intro was very good Aurimas. I too find things hard higher up on an acoustic. I enjoyed the rest of the song as well.