Guns'N'Roses - Out Ta Get Me

Hey there!

It’s been a while since my last proper cover recording, with multiple guitar layers etc. I also never really got to try my Les Paul Slash guitar on some Guns’N’Roses (primarily been playing Gary Moore stuff on it so far), so I wanted to give that a try.

Here’s a rocker from the classic Appetite For Destruction album. I played all the guitar parts on this cover, and then used drums, bass and vocal stems from I had a lot of fun diving into one of the less often covered Guns tracks… and in using my Les Paul and Marshall amps for some classic rock tones. Hope you’ll like it - and a merry xmas to you all!


As I know there are a few around here who might be interested in the tones and some more details of the various parts that’s going on in the track, here is the usual “guitar only” render:

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Loving this Kasper, will take in the gtr stems later as normal. One day KV dot Com will get someone closer to Axl’s vox but hey I wasn’t listening to the “singer”. Production sounded awesome to these old ears. Not listened to the early stuff for a while but AFD and headphones volume on max + 2 might be in order later this evening after Justin’s Blues Club.
Always good to hear from you, seasons greetings :santa:


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You did amazing. I’m pretty speechless, and I’m not sure what else to say. :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing the ‘guitar only’ render, Kasper. I find that more interesting than the full track, to hear how the different guitar parts are layered and played. Now a real Christmas present would be videos of you recording each part :wink:

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner In my dreams there exists a KV with english/american vocalists… that would be useful! :slight_smile:

@kamkor Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

@DavidP Yeah, I toyed with that idea… a lot of work, and I’m bad at video editing. BUT - who knows, I might give it a shot :wink:


Another classic by Kasper. I think you pretty much nailed the tone and I am glad to hear you actually used real amps to move some air! (I hope you a JCM800 along with a 4x12 cabinet for the real experience :stuck_out_tongue:). Super interesting to hear just the guitar parts as well, so thanks for sharing.

Superb! Keep on rockin’ and happy Christmas to you and yours as well! Looking forward to hearing more from you next year!

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Yeah for now just accept the nightmares ! :rofl:

Super rockin’ stuff Kasper. Loved it!

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Insanely good as usual Kasper, album quality - playing and production.

I’m with David that I love it when you post videos of your playing as well, So much to learn from watching how you play.

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Not far off :slight_smile: The rig(s) for this track was kept pretty simple.

This (50W Plexi for Izzy tones, the small JCM800 for Slash):

Plus this:

Plus this (in various combinations for the different tones):


Thanks for the gorgeous cover!
And it’s a great idea to put a link for guitar only!
I enjoyed the professional sound and the brilliant playing :clap:
Merry Christmas!

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